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    Cell Structure

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    Energy Requiring NAD.2H

    The oxidation of NAD.2H is an energy -releasing process. Name the energy-requiring process it is coupled to, and explain why this is important for the cell (two or three sentences please).

    NAD.2H During Animal Cell Production

    Explain what happens to NAD.2H produced during glycosis 1) In an animal cell respiring aerobically, and 2) In an animal cell respiring respiring anaerobically I have already received an answer to this but I need a more simplified answer as I need to answer this in in more than 200 words.

    Stages of Glucose Oxidation

    In the process of GLYCOSIS (stage 1), the formation of PYRUVATE involves the reduction of the coenzyme NAD to NAD.2H Which other stages of glucose oxidation produce molecules of the reduced coenzyme, NAD.2H I am guessing at stages 2 & 3,

    Cell Structure and Function

    1. Which of the following organelles is most important in providing energy to the cell? (a) mitochondrion (b) centrosome (c) Nucleus (d) Peroxisome 2. Name the membrane valves that open and close for potassium efflux and sodium influx. (a)ion channels (b)Vacuoles (c)Capillaries 3. What technique can be used to measu

    Chemical Equation for an Organelle

    I have been assigned the cell wall, and cell membrane for a biology project. One aspect of the project is determining the chemical equations for the proceses which occur inside that organelle. i have done research on, and off of the internet and have yet to find any answers. Could someone point me in the right direction, or supp

    Discussing a Cell's Organelles

    Organelles compartmentalize a cell like a department store displays similar items together. What advantage does such compartmentalization offer a large cell and what are two examples of oraganelles and the activities they compartmentalize?

    Relationships between cellular respiration, pressure & volume

    If you have one group of kids in Denver [group A] (lower pressure, lower temperatures) and another group of kids in New Orleans [group B] (higher pressure, higher temperatures) and they performed an aerobic respiration in a lentils experiment, how could their results be made similar or comparable?

    Comparing Kinesin and Dynein

    If you were comparing the molecular structure of kinesin and dynein, which part (heads or tails) would you expect to be most similar between them? Why? Ideas are expressed using analogies.

    Cytoplasmic membrane system

    Autoradiography depends upon particles emitted from radioactive atoms striking a photographic emulsion that lies on top of the tissue section. When the emulsion is developed, the site where the particle struck the emulsion is developed, the site where the particle struck the emulsion appears as a silver grain, as in figure 8.3a.

    Myosin Action Versus Kinesin

    Myosin action differs from that of kinesin in that one of the kinesin heads is always in contact with a microtubule, whereas both myosin heads become completely detached from the actin filament. How are these differences correlated with the two types of motor activities in which these proteins engage?

    The cytoskeleton and cell motility

    Because cytoplasmic vesicles are seen to move in both directions within an axon, can you conclude that some microtubules are oriented with their plus end facing the axon terminus and others oriented with the opposite polarity?

    Cytoskeleton Formation Approaches

    List three things you could do that would shift the dynamic equilibrium of an in vitro preparation of tubulin and microtubules toward the formation of microtubules. List three treatments that would shift the equilibrium in the opposite direction.

    Stabilizing Microtubules and Microfilaments

    In an actin assembly and a microtubule polymerization, when an ATP/GTP cap is formed, what is meant by "stabilizing" the microtubule or microfilament? Does it stop polymerization and prevent the microtubule or microfilament from continuing to grow or does it just prevent it from falling apart as easily as if the cap was not the