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Chemical Equation for an Organelle

I have been assigned the cell wall, and cell membrane for a biology project. One aspect of the project is determining the chemical equations for the proceses which occur inside that organelle. i have done research on, and off of the internet and have yet to find any answers. Could someone point me in the right direction, or supply me with information needed to figure out the equations for each? Thanks, I am puzzled by these equations.

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Cell membranes

The cell membrane is a site for many energy generating reactions.The energy generated can be channeled into an enzyme called ATP synthase.This converts ADP->ATP.

ADP adenosine diphospate
ATP adenosine triphospate.

Photosynthetic cells also have a membrane system. Here light excites electrons and the electrons are again passed down through a series of electron carriers, a proton motive force is generated and ATP is synthesized. All the photosynthetic machinery is situated in the membrane.

Try this link.....It contains a picture with lots of CHEMICAL reactions.!!

These are all ...

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The expert analyzes chemical equations for an organelle. The processes which occur inside that organelle are given.