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    Cell Organelles and Their Functions

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    Could you please help me with this problem?:

    Select at least two cell organelles. What does each organelle do? What changes would happen in the cell if your first organelle took over all the duties of the second organelle?

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    An organelle is defined as a membrane-bound compartment within a eukaryotic cell that has a specific function. Two specific organelles are the mitochondria and the nucleolus. The mitochondria is considered the "powerhouse" of the cell; it is often nicknamed the "Mighty Mitochondria". It functions as the site of cellular respiration, which ...

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    This solution explains the functions of mitochondria and the nucleolus and outlines what would happen if the mitochondria took over the duties of the nucleolus (ribosome synthesis). Additionally, it includes one reference source for further investigation of the subject.