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    The Cell and its Components

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    I need some assistance regarding cells and their components.

    For example:

    1) What are the basic components of a cell?

    2) Describe selected components of a cell, and why they are essential to the function of a cell.

    Please include references.

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    1) The basic components of the cell include the plasma membrane, the cytoskeleton, the cytoplasm, genetic material, and the organelles. Organelles include the following (in eukaryotes):

    - Nucleus
    - Mitochondria
    - Endoplasmic reticulum
    - Golgi apparatus
    - Lysosomes and peroxisomes

    In plant cells, you will find large ...

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    In this solution, we consider the organelles within the cell. A list is given with the major organelles and their functions in basic terms. One source is also provided for this information.