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    How do you building an artificial cell that can take the place of living stem cells?

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    I need to build an artificial cell that can take the place of living stem cells. This cell needs the structures and functions of a typical cell (reproduce, Metalolize etc.,) and it should include all seven characteristics of life. How would you build the cell (structure of the cell) and why would you build it that way (function of cell)? How do you know the cell is alive?

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    Currently, there are various synthetic phospholipids that form stable micelles that mimic the role of the phospholipid bilayer membrane found in normal cells. One can hypothesize that such phospholipids can be formed in the presence of aqueous solution that is similar to the cellular extracts of normal cells. One can even purify cellular extracts from normal living cells and then allow the phospholipid to form a bilayer encapsulating the extract inside the synthetic membrane. These micelles or membrane-like structures can be observed under the microscope. Once the membrane has been formed, one can carefully transfer the nucleus and organelles from live cells, such as fibroblasts that can be grown in large amounts in tissue culturing conditions, into the artificial cell to give it the necessary machinery and its function. Since the nucleus containing the DNA is the control center for all of ...

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