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    Opinion of Stem Cell Research

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    1. What is your opinion on stem cell research and the use of stem cells in bioengineering? Find an article that supports your opinion. Post the URL of the site where you found the article, along with a brief summary of it.

    2. Do you feel the amount of money spent on stem cell research is appropriate or could this money be more beneficial in another area? Does the source (embryonic vs. cord blood stem cells) affect your opinion?

    3. What do you predict to be the biggest downfall in this type of research in the future?

    4. Are your professional and personal beliefs different on stem cell research?

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    Well, since this is an opinion question, my answers are going to be different than yours. I will tell you what I think, but then you should formulate your own responses.

    1. I think stem cell research and bioengineering is a good thing. Stem cells (either embryonic or adult) are omnipotent. They can becomes many other types of cells. There has been significant research that suggests new organs can be grown from them, diseases can be cured, and even genetic abnormalities can be fixed. Without the research, how would these things ...

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    This response provides one opinion about the performance of stem cell research and discusses what the author feels about the subject, both personally and professionally.