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    Debates: Deception, Male and Female Brain & Stem Cell Debate

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    #1 When Is a Lie Not a Lie?

    The issue of some psychological research using deception in order to gather information. This is often done in social psychology experiments where it is necessary to "set up" a situation in order to study individuals' responses. At the conclusion of the study, participants are always told the truth, and the experiment is explained to them so that they do not leave believing a lie. My question to all of you is, do you believe that using deception is an acceptable research practice? Many topics could not be studied if deception was not used, however participants are still lied to. Give some thoughts on this issue or what you think!

    #2 Male Vs. Female Brains

    The article is in attachment and then share your opinion of the ideas and research reported in the article. What do you think?

    #3 The Stem Cell Debate

    Stem cells are immature cells in the brain that can, if transplanted, take on the characteristics of nearby damaged neurons. This hold great hope for treating a variety of disorders and diseases; however this research is not without controversy. The question of whether stem cell research should be pursued has become a HUGE political issue. Many Republicans, led by George W. Bush, argue that stem cell research should not continue. Many Democrate argue the opposite. Some people argue that we are "playing God" by tinkering with the brain in this way. Others say that humans should do everything in their power to help correct abnormalities. What do you think?

    I am looking for insight into these debate questions. Thank you.

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