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    Stem Cell Research: Benefits, Pros/Cons, Ethics

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    I need assistance in beginning the stem cell research and please include judicial process and health care laws. Why are they important, how do they impact human health, benefits, research facts, debate, and pros and cons? 6 pages with internal citations and references. Thank you.

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    I'm going to give a brief summary of legalities of SC research, as well as some of the health, benefts, debates, pros/cons. I'll try and get good references for you to further develop your ideas around.

    While finding sources for what I was going to say, I found this website which provides an incredible overview of the judicial process and bills/laws proposed/passed with regards to stem cell research:


    Notice that much of the focus is on federal judiciary processes - SC research laws are largely played in that arena. You should perhaps emphasize the differentiation between embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and adult stem cells (ASCs). The most recent challenges to the legality of SC research has been focused on the usage of ESCs, which use discarded embryos (mainly), versus harvesting ASCs from fully consenting adults.

    The physiological differences between ESCs and ASCs lie in their potential. ESCs are ...

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    A brief overview (with references) of the pro's/con's, benefits, debate, bioethics and (US) law surrounding stem cell research