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    Cells and their Components

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    I need help with getting started with my essay, titled "Why We study the Cell and Its Components." It has to have correct grammar, etc. and it has to utilize vocabulary from the chapter, and demonstrate understanding of key concepts.

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    Here is the vocabulary list for week 3:
    â?¢ Prokaryote cell
    â?¢ Eukaryotic cell
    â?¢ Cytoplasm (and cytosol)
    â?¢ Cell membrane
    â?¢ Nucleus, Nucleolus
    â?¢ Ribosomes
    â?¢ Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
    â?¢ Organelle
    â?¢ Mitochondria
    â?¢ Vacuoles
    â?¢ Protoplast
    â?¢ Cell cycle
    â?¢ Mitosis

    I have included an outline of some things I would cover along with some notes for you to include as you write your paper.

    I. Introduction
    A. As Robert Hooke coined the term cell, he opened up a world of unknowns that have been the basis for much research and study.
    B. The organelles inside hold mysteries that we are still discovering today.
    C. Thesis: Learning more about cells and their components make it easier for scientists to ...

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