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Components of cells and their sizes

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Take the following list of eight cells, or components of cells, and: (a) list them in order from largest to smallest; (b) say whether each is best viewed with the naked eye, light microscope, electron microscope, or atomic force microscope; (c) give an approximate size with the appropriate units (micometers, nanometers, etc.).

Here is the list: E. coli, amino acid alanine, ribosome, yeast, red blood cell, ligase enzyme, virus.

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This solution helps with a problem regarding components of cells and their sizes.

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Yeast: ~40um, light microscope

RBC: ~6-8um, light microscope feasible, electron microscope reveals details of shape

E. coli: ~2-3um, same as RBC

Virus: ~0.2um, electron microscope ...

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