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Cell Organelles Described as a City Analog

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I need help finding analogies for the following:

1) cytoplasm
2) nucleus
3) chromosomes
4) vacuole
5) cytoskeleton
6) lysosome
7) centriole
8) cilia

The analogy has to represent what the cell's function is. I am having difficulty doing this. Any suggestions?

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Hi there,

I used to be a high school biology teacher. In my class I liked to compare the eukaryotic cell to a city and compare each organelle to a part of this city.

To do this you first need to know what each organelle does and then you need to think of a component of a city which has the same function. Below I defined each organelle and helped you to consider which city component would be good analogs.

1. Cytoplasm - jelly like material that fills the cells and keeps everything in place. A good city analogy could be the police department, ...

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In this solution I describe the function of each of the following orgenelles and then compare them to a component of a city: cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, chromosome, nucleuas, vacuole, lysosome, centriole, cilia, and vacuole.