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Cell Structures Related to the Functions that are Important to life

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Choose 1 organelle, and use an analogy to explain its function. For example, explain how a chloroplast is like a solar panel, or how a mitochondrion is like a furnace. Try to think of original analogies for other organelles or cell structures such as golgi, lysosomes, the cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, nucleus, and so on. Include where your analogy may be less than perfect.

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The cell structures as they relate to the functions that are important to life are examined. Original analogies for other organelles or cell structures are provided.

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If you think of the cell like a city with different companies within it, each part of the cell can be compared to a business.

A few examples of this:

The mitochondria can be described as the electric company by providing power to the city. Also, similar to a power plant, the mitochondria can modify its respiration rate based upon activity of the cell or city. The shortfall of this comparison is perhaps in a skeletal muscle cell where energy stores can be used up quickly ...

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