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Pearson Product-Moment Correlation

Hypothesis testing using T-test, correlation

1. A teacher wants to describe the results of a particular test. The test grades were 88,78,79,69,83,82,90,94,95,87,85,83,88,89,90,65,76,88,62,90. What would be and how would you find the mean, median, mode, range, variance, standard deviation, an ordered array, a stem-and leaf, a box-and-whiskers and a bar chart of the class sc

The reliability coefficient is examined.

The reliability coefficient is maximized when: a) The examinees are heterogeneous b) the examiners are homogeneous c) THe examinees are very similar d) Both b abd c are correct Answers are explained below.

Correlation Analysis & Pearson

I have tried these questions with no luck (see attached file). Is there a guide that you can provide that will help me figure out what test I should be using for certain data sets? Please help! Thanks you.