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Significance of correlation coefficient

I know the answer for the following problem is :
r=-0.69, df=10, not significant at 0.5

How do I get to that answer?

An economist is interested in studying the relationships between length of unemployment and job seeking activity among white collar workers. He interviews a sample of 12 unemployment accountants as to the number of weeks they have been unemployed (x) and seeking a job during the past year (y). Compute a Pearson's correlation coefficient for these data and determine whether the correlation is significant.

Accountant X Y
A 2 8
B 7 3
C 5 4
D 12 2
E 1 5
F 10 2
G 8 1
H 6 5
I 5 4
J 2 6
K 3 7
L 4 1

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Step by step method for testing the significance of correlation coefficient under 5 step approach is discussed here.