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Normal Distribution

Probability - Hotels

A survey for Hotels asked respondents "When traveling internationally, do you generally venture out on your own to experience culture, or stick with your tour group and itineraries?" The survey found that 23% of the respondents stick with their tour group. A. In a sample of 6 international travelers, what is the probability t

Normal Distribution statistics

Describe how the following frequency table was prepared. Check several of the intervals to see if you get the same frequency. Frequency distribution of ages (at last birthday) of 400 HIV positive men, San Francisco Reported age limits Frequency (fi ) 20-24 2 25-29 85 30-34 135 35-39 91 40-44 57 45-49

Normal distribution problem

5. If spouses yearly earnings are varying Normally with X m ~ N (50, 9) X f ~ N ( 60, 15) What is their family total earning per year. What is the distribution and mean and std. deviation.

Probability Concepts & Discrete & Continuous Distributions

NB:Please use Excel(where possible--preferred) for this and could you send me a few notes with step by step break-down on how to make it easy to figure out next time? refer to the real estate excel data set at : (see Real Estate Attachment ) Qu

Statistics Discussion Questions

What is the difference between Paramaeter & Statistics What is the concept of operationalize???? What are focus groups What is the meaning of lodging double variable, validity & liability Explain Normal Distribution What is mean, median mode What is range & dispersion What the independent & dependent variable Explain e

Elementary Statistics: 29 True/False questions & 4 questions

I have attached a Word document that contains 29 True/False questions and 4 questions where you need to figure out 'what is wrong.' TRUE or FALSE - all responses must be at least 25 words! 1. Class width = Upper limit of a class - Lower limit of the same class. 2. A class frequency may be equal to zero. 3. The data 9, 12


An industrial oven used to cure san cores for a factory manufacturing engine blocks for small cars is able to maintain fairly constant temperatures. The temperature range of the oven follows a normal distribution with a mean of 450 F and a standard deviation of 25 F. Leslie Larsen, president of the factory is concerned about t

Probability : Normal Distributions and Z-Scores

Using the standard normal table, determine the following probabilities. Sketch the associated areas. a. P(0 less than or equal to z less than or equal to 1.00) b. P(-2.50 less than or equal to z less than or equal to 3.01) c. P(z greater than or equal to 3.25) d. P(z less than or equal to -2.50)

Mean or Median statistics

1. As a Realtor, would be more beneficial to quote the mean or median price of homes in your area? Why or Why Not? 2. If you wanted your salary critiqued against others, would you prefer the HR Manager to use mean or median? Why or Why Not? 3. If a study examines: who/what/when/how much, it is termed a ______

Probability Simulation and probability plot

A. Simulate 50 observations from a normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1. make a normal plot. b. Repeat the simulation of (a) but use an exponential distribution with mean = 1 how does the shape of the plot compare to the plot using normal data? c. Repeat the simulation in (a) but use a uniform distribu

Probability distribution and confidence level questions

1. The total area under a probability distribution graph is equal to _____. 2. The normal distribution is a _____ distribution. 3. Discuss the shape of the normal curve. 4. Define "confidence level" in estimating mu, the population mean.

Options Pricing

See attached file for full problem description. summary of options purchased at beginning of 4th quarter with 3 months to expiration (european style options) position shares premium strike price long calls 63,000 $20.45 $110 long puts 63,000 $13.15 $110 beginning end 4th Quarter 4th Quarter underly

An executive at Westinghouse drives from his home in the suburbs near Pittsburgh to his office in the center of the city. The driving times are normally distributed with a mean of 35 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes.

An executive at Westinghouse drives from his home in the suburbs near Pittsburgh to his office in the center of the city. The driving times are normally distributed with a mean of 35 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. a. In what percent of the days will it take him less than 30 minutes to drive to work? b.

Project Management, Queuing, and Simulation

1. The use of simulation to examine corporate operations (industrial dynamics), national economies (econometric models), and urban governments is known as A. Monte Carlo Methods B. Operational Gaming C. System Simulation D. Queuing Methods 2. PERT A. Is a network technique that uses three time estimat

Statistics Concepts: Cases and Observations

14. Approximately ______ of the area (cases or observations) under the normal curve is found between 1 standard deviation above and 1 standard deviation below the mean. 15. What percentage of area (or cases or observations) is found above a z value of 1.96? ._____ 16. A random sample of 20 observations is drawn from a

Normal random variable and probability

The number of passengers on the Carnival Sensation during one-week cruises in the Caribbean follows the normal distribution. The mean number of passengers per cruise is 1,820 and the standard deviation is 120. 1. What percent of the cruises will have between 1,820 and 1,970 passengers? 2. What percent of the cruises will ha

Sampling and Standard Error

13. The quality assurance department for Pepsi Distributors, Inc. maintains meticulous records on the bottling line for two-liter Pepsi bottles. Records indicate that the process follows the normal probability distribution with a mean amount per bottle of 2.01 liters and a standard deviation of 0.025 liters. The foreman random

Statistics on Skin Cancer Malignancies

#2 There is some concern that exposure to gases used in anesthesiology may be harming the health of anesthesiologists. In one study of 525 Michigan nurse anesthesiologists, 10 reported a new malignancy other than skin cancer during the previous year. 2.1 What is the appropriate choice of distribution for the incidence of ne

Prediction of percentage of plants with various leaf areas

#1 A botanist grows a large number of individually potted eggplants, all treated identically. After 30 days, the total leaf area of each plant was measured. The population distribution of the total leaf area was found to be normal with a mean of 800 cm2 and a standard deviation of 90 cm2. 1.1 What percentage of the plants

Probability of normal distribution problem

1. Find the area under the Normal Distribution from the mean to a z-score of -2.07. 2. Find the z-score that corresponds to an area of 0.5557 under the Normal Distribution. 3. The average age of statistics students nationwide is 22. The standard deviation is 2.5 years. Assume the age is a normally distributed variable

Standard normal distribution used to compute probabilities

1. Given that z is a standard normal random variable, compute the following probabilities. a. P(-1≤z≤0) b. P(-1.5≤z≤0) c. P(-2<z<0) d. P(-2.5≤z≤0) e. P(-3≤z≤0) 2. Given that z is a standard normal random variable, compute the following probabilities. a. P(0≤z≤.83) b. P(-1.57≤z≤0) c. P(z>44) d