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Normal Distribution

OurCampus! Statistics for Managers Using Excel

See attached files. To Satisfy concerns of potential advertisers, the management of OurCampus! has undertaken a research project to learn the amount of time it takes users to download a complex video features page. The marketing department has collected data and has made some claims based on the assertion that the data follo

Statistics Practice Questions

Please select the correct answer (please write in a few words how you have a arrived at your conclusion) 12. In a statistic class, 10 scores were randomly selected with the following results were obtained (mean=71.5): 74, 73, 77, 77, 71, 68, 65, 77, 67, 66. What is the standard deviation? A. 22.72 B. 12.00 C. 4.77 D. 5

Use z table to calculate standard normal probability

Use the table of standard normal probabilities (z table) to answer the following questions. What is P(z > 0.5)? What is P(-0.8 < z < 1.5)? What is P(z < -1.2)? What z-value leaves 95 % of the normal distribution to its right? What z-value, and its negative, leaves 20 % of the normal distribution in each ta

Overdue Bills Following a Normal Curve & Determining Likely Voters

6. A large population of overdue bills has balances that follow a normal curve. When we take a sample of 100 of these the average is $500 and the SD is $100. (a) What statement can you make about the range $300 to $700? (b) What statement can you make about the range $480 to $520? 10. Pollsters try to determine wh

Normal Distribution and Probability: Average of the Sample

A business finds the average cost required to complete a project is $416 with a standard deviation of $57. A sample of 36 project cost reports was selected at random. Assuming that the distribution of the costs is normal, what is the probability that the average for this sample is between $400 and $425?

Computing order point: Example operations analyst

Bob Billy is an operations analyst for Dollar-Does-It stores based in Iva, SC.  He is currently studying the order and stocking policies for a top-selling toy.  His analysis has indicated an almost constant lead time of 10 days.  Bob calculated that the daily demand was normally distributed with a mean of 1,250 toys per day w

Properties of a Normal Distribution

Describe the properties of a normal distribution. Explain why there are an infinite number of normal distributions. Why do you want to assume that your sample data represent a population distribution?

Standard Deviation Determination

Calculate the Standard Deviation of your data. USING EXCEL. THESE ARE MY NUMBERS 26 19 21 15 23 22 18 24 16 19 Is this a normal distribution? What are the implications? The following items will be assessed in particular: Your ability to describe a normal distribution as evi

Determining Variables from Mean, and Standard Deviation of Data

Suppose the weight of a typical American male follows a normal distribution with mean=180 lb and standard deviation=30 lb. Also, suppose 91.92% of all American males weigh more than I weigh. a. What fraction of American males weigh more than 225 pounds? b. How much do I weigh?

The lifetimes of light bulbs of a particular type are normally distributed.

The lifetimes of light bulbs of a particular type are normally distributed with a mean of 370 hours and a standard deviation of 5 hours. What percentage of the bulbs have lifetimes that lie within one standard deviation of the mean on either side? Use the 68-95.99.7 Rule. Please give a through and simplistic explanation in th

Normal Probability Explained for Final Exam Grades

A set of final examination grades in a calculus course was found to be normally distributed with a mean of 69 and a standard deviation of 8. Only 5% of the students taking the test scored higher than what grade?

Normal dist: Empirical rule &Circle graph & Measurement scale

1) Using the empirical rule, determine the approximate percentage of a normal distribution that is expected to fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean. A. 34% B. 50% C. 47.5 % D. 68% 2) A department of mathematical sciences has majors in four areas Major Number of Majors Mathematics

Frequency Distribution and Data Samples

I have several questions relate to frequency distribution that I need support. Please see my questions below and please post with examples if you can so I have more understanding. 1. Does it necessarily true that any frequency distribution contains any form of data sample? Please illustrate your answer with examples. 2. C

Standard Deviation and Standard Error for Disease Y study

Consider that measurement 2 (M2) in a random sample of 1000 controls from the Disease Y study population follows the normal distribution. The sample mean of M2 is 90 and 95% of the sample observation falls within 70 and 110. Calculate the sample standard deviation and standard error of the sample mean and intepret. I would

Business: Decision Justifications Using Z-score And Statistics

Assume that you own a small factory. A critical piece of machinery in your factory will need to be replaced in 180 days. If the machinery does not show up on time, you will need to shut down until it arrives. This might cause you to permanently lose customers.When you order the part you will need to pay the $500,000 in advance.

Proving the standard normal distribution has zero skew and kurtosis

** Please see attached file for the complete problem description ** Prove that the standard normal distribution (mean 0, standard deviation 1) has zero skew and kurtosis (4th moment divided by standard deviation to the 4th power) equal to 3. (please see the attached file)

Graph and calculate standard normal distribution of formula

See attachment for the formula. I need to graph the standard normal distribution by using the formula provided. Where pi is approximately 3.14 and e is approximately 2.718. Use X values of -2, -1.5, -1, -0.05, 0, 0.05, 1, 1.5 and 2. Use a calculator to compute the Y values. In the attachment F(x) is y in the textbook.

Standard normal distribution

1. Ages of applicants for a particular scholarship are normally distributed with a mean age of 21.3 years and a standard deviation of 1.85 years. If an applicant is randomly selected, find the probability that the applicant is under 18 years old. Express answer as a decimal - four decimal places. 2. Song lengths scheduled fo

Calculation of Probability using the Z Score

4. A tool industry publication claims that the average salary for executives is $129,500 and the standard deviation of all salaries in the industry is $13,500, a study of 20 executives finds that the average salary is $136, 700 with a standard deviation of $22,570. (5) Identify: = _________, s = __________, ? = ______

Probability: Normal Distribution Shaft Problem

In the shaft process discussed in the chapter, 1. What is the probability of finding a shaft at least 3 sigma (0.0020") over 1.000" in diameter? If the probability of 0.05 or greater is unacceptable, is the shaft process acceptable? 2. What is the probability of getting a shaft below 0.9975" in diameter? If the probability

Percentile Rank Standard Score

A set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15 · What would be the standard score for a score of 90? · What percentage of scores is between 100 and 90? · What would be the percentile rank for a score of 90?

16 Statistics multiple choice questions

10. According to the empirical rule, if the data form a "bell-shaped" normal distribution, ________ percent of the observation will be contained within 1 (one) standard deviation around the arithmetic mean. (Points: 4) 68.26 75.00 88.89 93.75 11. The probability that a new advertising

5 Statistics problems: Normal distribution, probability, mean of sample

The starting salaries of individuals with an MBA degree are normally distributed with a mean of $40,000 and a standard deviation of $5,000. What percentage of MBA's will have starting salaries of $34,000 to $46,000? The weights of items produced by a machine are normally distributed with a mean of 8 ounces and a standard de

Statistics: Distances for students from centrally located college

Please help with the following problem. A college is located in the geographic center of mainland United States. The admission officer examines the east-west distance of the college from the hometown of each incoming resident student. Incoming resident students living to the east of the college are scored as + distances, and

Statistics: Floor to ceiling effect, use of interval, normal distribution

2.22 Would the data for number of murders by those convicted of the crime be an example of a floor or ceiling effect? 2.36. For each of the types of data described below, would you present individual data values or grouped data when creating a frequency distribution? Explain your anwser clearly. (a) eye color observed for 87

Statistics problems

If the mean and the standard deviation of a continuous random variable that is normally distributed are 20 and 5, respectively, find an interval that contains 68% of the distribution. A. (18,24) B. (15,25) C. (12,25) D. (10,30) 2. If the mean and the standard deviation of a continuous random variable that is normally d

Sampling Distribution of Sample Mean: Rapide2010

A small upstart company, Rapide, manufactures high-speed hard drives for laptops. Their new hard drive, the Rapide2010, is manufactured so that the number of reading errors per MB of data forms a normal distribution, with a mean of 4.2 errors / MB and a standard deviation of 1.3 errors / MB. If Bell Computers buys 15 Rapide2