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Conditional Probability Distribution

Elementary probability theory

Diagnosis tests of medical conditions have several results. The test result can be positive or negative, whether or not a patient has the condition. A positive test(+) indicates the patient has the condition. A negative (-) test indicates that a patient does not have the condition. Remember, a positive test does not prove that t


Please see the attached file. I Would Like Problems Resolved In EXECL IN EXCEL VERSION (No Higher Than version 2003) Question #1 A gambler in Las Vegas is cutting a deck of cards for $1,000. What is the probability that the cards for the gambler will be the follow? 1. A face card 2. A queen 3. A Spade 4. A jack of s

Echo Ranging Formula

Last week I used a stopwatch to measure the echo time of my snare drum in the hall outside my classroom, which is 80 meters long. The average echo time was 10 milliseconds. Use your understanding of the Echo Ranging formula to prove or disprove my findings, remember this echo was heard in air.

Conditional Probability

An oil drilling operation predicts the success of a new well based on the geological structure. Experience shows what the probability of a type A structure at the site of a productive well is 0.40. The company also knows that 50% of all wells are drilled in locations with type A structure. Finally, 30% of all wells drilled are p

Conditional Distribution

A company sells two products (Product 1 and Product 2) that tend to be substitutes for each other. That is, if a customer buys Product 1, she tends to not buy Product 2, and vice versa. The company assessed the joint probability distribution of demand for the two products for this year. The joint distribution is shown below.

Normal Probability based on Z score

A soft drink bottling company maintains records concerning the number of unacceptable bottles of soft drink obtained from the filling and capping machines. Based on past data, the probability that a bottle came from machine I and was nonconforming is 0.05 and the probability that a bottle came from machine II and was nonconform

Probability of normal distribution and conditional probability

1. Management of an airline knows that 0.5% of the airline's passengers lose their luggage on domestic flights. Management also know that the average value claimed for a lost piece of luggage on domestic flights is $600.00. The company is considering increasing fares by an appropriate amount to cover expected compensation to pa

Probabilities for Failing a Test

A metropolitan school system consists of three school districts-norths, south, central. The north district contains 25% of all students, the south district contains 40%, and the central district contains 35%. A minimum-competency test was given to all students; 10% of the north district students failed, 15% of the south distri

Joint probability/Conditional Probability

The oasis outpost of Abu Ilan, in the heart of the Negev desert, has a population of 20 Bedouin tribesmen and 20 Farima tribesmen. El Kamin, a nearby oasis, has a population of 32 Bedouins and 8 Farima. A lost Israeli soldier, accidentally separated from his army unit, is wandering through the desert and arrives at the edge of o

Probability: n tosses of a fair coin

Let Qn denote the probability that in n tosses of a fair coin no run of 3 consecutive heads appears. Show that: Qn = ½ Qn-1 + ¼Qn-2 + ⅛Qn-3 Q0 = Q1 = Q2 = 1 Find Q8. HINT: Condition of the first tail. Please see attached for proper equation format.

An urn contains n+m balls, of which n are red and m are black.

Do Problem 2 ONLY please. Problem 1 An urn contains n+m balls, of which n are red and m are black. They are withdrawn from the urn, one at a time and without replacement. Let X be the number of red balls removed before the first black ball is chosen. Find E[X]. To obtain this quantity, number the red balls from 1 to n. Now