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    Conditional Probability Distribution

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    Stocks: Expected Return and Standard Deviation

    You are trying to develop a strategy for investing in two different stocks. The anticipated annual return for $1000 investment in each stock under four different economic conditions has the following probability distribution: Returns Probability Economic Condition Stock X (in $'s) Stock Y (in $'s) 0.1 Recession - 50 - 100

    Statistics conditional probability: Drink preferences in 3 age groups

    The table below shows the drink preferences for people in 3 different age groups. If one of the 255 subjects is randomly chosen, what is the probability that the person drinks cola given they are over 40? Round your answer to 3 decimal places. Water Orange juice Cola Under 21 years 40 25 20 21 - 40 years 35 20 30 Over 40

    Statistics: Probability, Counting, Multiplication Rule, Addition Rule

    Section 3.1: Basic Concepts of Probability and Counting 1. License plates are made using 2 letters followed by 3 digits. How many different plates can be made if repetition of letters and digits is allowed? (References: example 4 page 135, end of section exercises 13 - 16 page 142 and 35 - 36 page 144) 2. In 2005 the

    Conditional Probability Calculations

    Annual Report - Sexual Harassment Cases in the Workplace Division Staff (S1) Managers (S2) Executives (S3) Total Directors office (D1) 1 2 2 5 Information systems (D2) 4 1 3 8 Community Services (D3) 6 2 1 9 Total 11 5 6 22 What is the conditional p

    Executive reads Time or US News; checking & savings

    A Survey of top executives revealed that 35 percent of them regularly read Time magazine, 20 percent read Newsweek, and 40 percent read U.S. News and World Report. Ten percent read both Time and U.S. News and World Report. What is the probability that a particular top executive reads either Time or U.S. News and World Report

    Probabilities: stock; WSJ advertisement; defective microprocessor; product success

    2-77 Two stocks A and B are known to be related in that both are in the same industry. The probability that the stock A will go up in price tomorrow is 0.20, and the probability that both stocks A and B will go up tomorrow is 0.12. Suppose that tomorrow you find that stock A did go up in price. What is the probability that sto

    Decision Tree

    Liz has a small shop where she sells shirts and other tops. Unexpectedly the local high school basketball team has reached the state semi-finals. A few days before the game a supplier offers her a consignment of either 500 or 1000 of the team's shirts at a good price. She must make a decision right away. If the team reaches the

    Explaining Conditional Probability Questions

    See the attached file. 3. (TCO 5) The Canadian Services office did a survey of 150 travelers in which they asked if the traveler's first language was French or English. Another question asked was whether the traveler was Canadian born. The results follow. Canadian Not-Canadian Raw Totals English 15 50 65 French 65 20

    Conditional Probability and Enrolling in Courses

    Let A be the event that a student is enrolled in an accounting course, and let S be the event that a student is enrolled in a statistics course. It is known that 30% of all students are enrolled in an accounting course and 40% of all students are enrolled in statistics. Included in these numbers are 15% who are enrolled in bot

    Probabilities & Conditional Probabilities

    Please show calculation as to how answer was gotten. Thank you. The availability of venture capital provided by big boost in funds available to companies recent years. According to Venture Economics, 2,000 venture capital disbursements were made in 1999. Of these, 334 were to companies in California, 490 were to companies

    Conditional Probability: Selecting Without Replacement

    An urn contains four colored balls, two orange and two blue. Two balls are selected at random without replacement, and you are told that at least one of them is orange. What is the probability that the other ball is also orange?

    Probability of observing an event.

    2 airlines fly to Memphis. according to airport data for the past year, wings airlines planes arrived on time 330 times and were late 60 times. Global airlines planes arrived on time 430 times and were late 50 times. If one flight is randomly selected given that it was a global airlines flight what is the probability that

    Conditional probability and variable type

    Using the table Blood Alcohol Level of Victim Age A0.00% B0.01-09% C¡Ý0.10% D 0-19 142 7 6 155 E 20-39 47 8 41 96 F 40-59 29 8 77 114 G 60 or over 47 7 35 89 265 30 159 454 Calculate the conditional probability of C given each of the age groups, or P(C|D), P(

    Probability: Conditional and Marginal Probabilities

    You have 4 jars. In the largest jar you have three balls numbered 1 to 3. Then you have 3 colored jars. Jar 1 has a red ball and two orange balls. Jar 2 has one orange ball and 2 red balls. Jar 3 has a red ball, an orange ball and a yellow ball. There are two random variables X and Y w/ X being the draw of a single numbered ba

    Tree diagram for conditional probabilities

    Please see the attached file. Ed's Tires and Brakes has two locations, one on the northwest side of town and one on the southeast side of town. At both locations are performed routine tire repairs and rotations, as well as expensive brake repairs. This past week, 80% of the cars serviced at Ed's were serviced at the northwest

    Elementary probability theory

    Diagnosis tests of medical conditions have several results. The test result can be positive or negative, whether or not a patient has the condition. A positive test(+) indicates the patient has the condition. A negative (-) test indicates that a patient does not have the condition. Remember, a positive test does not prove that t


    Please see the attached file. I Would Like Problems Resolved In EXECL IN EXCEL VERSION (No Higher Than version 2003) Question #1 A gambler in Las Vegas is cutting a deck of cards for $1,000. What is the probability that the cards for the gambler will be the follow? 1. A face card 2. A queen 3. A Spade 4. A jack of s

    Four Types of Probability

    Explain in detail and give an original example of the four types of probability. 1) Marginal probability 2) Union probability 3) Joint probability 4) Conditional probability

    Explanation to "Conditional Probability"

    Of the drivers who stop at a gas station, 92% purchase gasoline, and 6% purchase both gasoline and oil. A total of 7% purchase oil. Questions: (a) What is the probability that a driver purchases gasoline, given that he or she purchases oil? (b) What is the probability that a driver purchases oil, given that he or she pur

    Conditional Probability in a Business School

    A survey of undergraduate students in the School of Business at Northern University revealed the following regarding the gender and majors of the students: Major Gender Accounting Management Finance Total Male 100 150 50 300 Female 100 50 50 200 Total 200 200 100 500 e. What is the probability of sele

    Echo Ranging Formula

    Last week I used a stopwatch to measure the echo time of my snare drum in the hall outside my classroom, which is 80 meters long. The average echo time was 10 milliseconds. Use your understanding of the Echo Ranging formula to prove or disprove my findings, remember this echo was heard in air.

    Statistics Survey: probability

    A survey of students at a university revealed the following regarding the gender and the majors of the students: Major Gender Accntng Mngmnt Finance Total Male 100 150 50 300 Female 100 50 50 200 Total 200 200 100 500 a. What is the probability of selecting a female student? b. What is the probability of selectin

    Conditional Probability

    An oil drilling operation predicts the success of a new well based on the geological structure. Experience shows what the probability of a type A structure at the site of a productive well is 0.40. The company also knows that 50% of all wells are drilled in locations with type A structure. Finally, 30% of all wells drilled are p

    Finite Questions on Monthly Payments

    What monthly payment is needed to pay off a loan of $500 amortized at 12% compounded monthly for 2 years? The following shows the weather conditions each day for the last 100 days: Snowy days: 5 Rainy days: 20 Cloudy days: 40 Sunny days: 35 Based on this data: a.) What is the probability that tomorrow will be snow

    Conditional Distribution

    A company sells two products (Product 1 and Product 2) that tend to be substitutes for each other. That is, if a customer buys Product 1, she tends to not buy Product 2, and vice versa. The company assessed the joint probability distribution of demand for the two products for this year. The joint distribution is shown below.

    Normal Probability based on Z score

    A soft drink bottling company maintains records concerning the number of unacceptable bottles of soft drink obtained from the filling and capping machines. Based on past data, the probability that a bottle came from machine I and was nonconforming is 0.05 and the probability that a bottle came from machine II and was nonconform

    Probability of normal distribution and conditional probability

    1. Management of an airline knows that 0.5% of the airline's passengers lose their luggage on domestic flights. Management also know that the average value claimed for a lost piece of luggage on domestic flights is $600.00. The company is considering increasing fares by an appropriate amount to cover expected compensation to pa