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Newton's Laws

Fluids: What is the force on the bottom of Archimedes's baththub?

What is the ABSOLUTE pressure on the bottom of Archimede's bathtub if the dimensions of the tub are 3m long by 1.2m wide by 0.8m high? Assume that the tub is filled to the top with water and Archimedes hasn't gotten into the tub yet? What is the force on the bottom of Archimedes's bathtub?


You (m=80.0 kg) are in a rowboat (m=40.0 kg) of volume 0.300 m3. To answer the following, use the density of seawater as 10,050 N/m3. Before you step into the rowboat, how much water does the rowboat displace with nothing in it? What is the maximum load (excluding you and the boat) that you can take on before the rowboat sin

Net Force is determined.

What is the net force acting on the object that has a force of 20.9N 34 degrees West of North and a second force of 34.5N 42 degrees East of North acting on it?