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    Force Diagrams, Magnitudes of Forces, Static Friction

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    Two blocks, of masses m1 and m2, are connected by a model string. Both blocks lie on a plane that is inclined to the horizontal at an angle [symbol1]. The part of the plane supporting the block of mass m1 is smooth, so that there is no frictional force. The upper part of the plane is rough, as that coefficient of the static friction between the block of mass m2 and the plane is [symbol2]. The system is in equlibrium, and the string is taut.
    (i) Draw a diagram, marking clearly your choice of coordinate axes.
    (ii) Modelling the blocks as particles, draw two force diagrams showing all the forces acting on the two particles.
    (iii) Find five equations relating the magnitudes of the forces.
    (iv) Show that the minimum value of [symbol2] such that the system remains in equlibrium is: {see attachment}

    *Please see attachment for equation, diagram and proper citation of symbols

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