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Dragging box on the floor

Part 1. If I had a box with a mass (m) and dragged it across a level floor having a coefficient of kinetic friction uk by a rope that is being pulled upward at an angle (the symbol 0 with a one through it ) above the horizontal with a force of magnitude (F). In terms of M, uk, the symbol 0 with a line through it,l and g what would be an expression for the magnitude of force required to move my box at a constant speed?

Part 2. How much force would it take to slide my 90-kg brother across the floor at a constant speed by pulling him at ab angle of 25% above the horizontal. Next by dragging some weights wrapped in an old pair of his pants down the hall with a spring balance I find that uk +0.35. I want to use the result of part one to answer part two.

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