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Steps in Creating Excel Charts

28. What is the first step that should be taken when creating a chart?
A. providing a name for the chart
B. selecting the chart type
C. selcting the range of cells that contain the data the chart will use
D. choosing the data labels that will be used on the chart

29. If you want to print only the chart in a worksheet, what should you do before printing?
A. click the chart to select it and then print
B. select the print chart only option in the Page Setup dialog box
C. move the chart to a new sheet by itself and then print that sheet
D. cannont print only the chart if it is part of a larger worksheet
30. To change the legend of a chart after it has been created, display which dialog box
A. Chart type
B. Chart options
C. Source Data
D. Chart location
31. New worksheets are inserted
A. to the left of the active worksheet
B. to the right of the active worksheet
C. before the first existing worksheet
D. after the last existing worksheet

32. What will double-clicking a sheet tab do for you?
A It will make a duplicate of that worksheet into a new worksheet
B It will put a copy of that worksheet on the Clipboard
C. It will allow you to rename the sheet
D.It will allow you to move the sheet.
33. To move a worksheet to a different postion
A. click and drag the sheet tab to the new location
B. hold the Ctrl key down while dragging the sheet tab to the new location
C. right-click and drag the sheet tab to the new location
D. delete the worksheet and then insert it again into the new location
34. If cells are formatted to the Accounting format and then zeros are entered
Into the cell or the result of a formula in the cell is zero, what will be displayed in the cell?
A. A zero will be displayed
B. Nothing will be displayed
C. A dash will be displayed
D. "ERROR" will be displayed
35. What is meant by a 3-d reference?
a. Cells from multiple rows and columns are being referenced in a formula
b. Cells from multiple worksheets are being referenced in a formula
c. At least three different formulas are being used in a formula
d. A 3-D graphic is being used in a cell.

36. Which of the following will be copied from one cell to another if Format Painter is used?
A. Values
B. Formulas
C. Fonts
D. All of the Above
37. Resize the width of a column by doing which of the following?
A. double-clicking the column letter designator
B. clicking and dragging column markers on the Ruler
C. clicking and dragging the column border anywhere in the column
D. clicking and dragging the column border in the column header
38. Preformatted worksheets used for special purposes such as creating sales
Invoices are called?
A. patterns
B. samples
C. models
D. templates