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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics

During each heartbeat, approximately 70cm³ is pushed from the heart at an average pressure of 105mm-Hg. Calculate the power output of the heart, in watts, assuming 70 beats per minute. *please explain this as simply as possible- thanks so much :)

Fluid Dynamics

What gauge pressure in the water mains is necessary if a firehose is to spray water to a height of 15m?

Fluid Dynamics

A 5/8 inch (inside) diameter garden hose is used to fill a round swimming pool 6.1m in diameter. How long will it take to fill the pool to a depth of 1.2m if water issues from the hose at a speed of 0.33m/s? *note- please explain this in the simplest way possible if you can! thank you :)

Fluid Statics

A 3.15kg piece of wood (SG= .50) floats on water. What minimum mass of lead, hung from it by a string, will cause it to sink? *note- please explain this in the simplest way possible if you can! thank you :)

Fluid Statics

If you tried to nonchalantly smuggle gold bricks by filling your backpack, whose dimensions are 60cm x 25cm x 15cm, what would its mass be?

Rim of a cast iron flywheel.

The rim of a castiron flywheel is 0.5m wide and its inner and outer diameters are 1.8m and 2.6m respectively. Calculate a) the moment of inertia of the rim about its geometric axis and b) the radius of gyration k.


The acceleration of a marble in a certain fluid is proportional to the speed of the marble squared and is given in SI units) by a=-3.00 v^2 for v greater than 0. If the marble enters this fluid with a speed of 1.20 m/s, how long will it take before the marble's speed is reduced to half of its initial value?

Find NC for a gold Schottkey diode

Consider a gold Schottkey diode at T=300k formed on a n-type GaAs doped at Nd=5x10^16 cm^-3. Among other things find Phi|n. Phi|n=KT/e*ln(Nc/Nd) I don't understand how to get NC from the information given here. What is NC given the information stated in the problem?

Gear pump volume and pressure difference

The diagram shows a gear pump. The maximum diameter of the gear wheels is 80 mm, the diameter of the roots of the teeth is 50 mm and the tooth width is 20mm. If the pump is driven at 500 rpm, please estimate the volume of oil pumped every minute. If the pressure difference across the pump is 50 bar, what shaft power has to be

Retracting cylinder: How far does an elevator settle as the passengers enter?

A 2" diameter hydraulic ram piston supports an elevator in a 2 story building. When the elevator car is at the first floor, the piston is fully retracted into the cylinder. The piston extends 15 feet to place the empty car at the second floor. Eight passengers who each weigh exactly 150 lb. enter the car. If the bulk modulus

Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similtude

Determine the specific gravity of spherical particles, D=(1/200 in), which drop through air at 33degrees F at a speed U of 0.3 ft/s. The drag force on a small sphere in laminar motion is given by 3(pi)(mu)DU. This problem is in Fluid Mechanics by Victor Streeter.

Mass and density of system

Determine the mass of wire having a relative density of 8.77 which must be wrapped around a cork weighing 15 g in order that the cork shall just sink in fresh water. The cork's relative density=0.24.

Determining the cardiac output using Fick's method

Find the cardiac output of a heart using Fick's method given that the concentration of oxygen in the pulmonary artery is 14mL/100 mL (Cin) and in the vein is 20 mL/100 mL (Cout). Oxygen uptake (U) by the lungs is 300 mL/min. Assume that blood flows at a constant rate Q mL/min (the cardiac output).