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Fluid Mechanics

Centrifugal pump analysis problem

A centrifugal pump has the following characteristics... This pump is used to pump water from one reservoir to another through a pipe of length 125 m, diameter 40 cm and friction factor 0.0054. The difference in height of the water levels... A centrifugal pump recorded the following performance for pump test runs at... Ful

Centrifugal Pump Workings

A typical problem for the centrifugal pump. Doing this problem provides you with a better understanding of how a centrifugal pump works.

Find the volume of the paperweight.

1. A pirate in a movie is carrying a chest (0.30 m X 0.30 m X 0.20 m) that is supposed to be filled with gold. To see how ridiculous this is, determine the weight (in newtons) of the gold. To judge how large this weight is, remember that 1 N = 0.225 lb. 2. An airtight box has a removable lid of area 1.3 X 10^-2 m^2 and ne

Pressure on a Column of Water, Pipe Grade Length

1) What is pressure in a 200 feet column of water? 2) How much is the pipe grade length if 92 feet pipe is graded at 1/8 per foot? 3) A 3.2 m tube of water weighs how much? 4) How many equal lengths factors could be placed around the circumference in 6 inch circle?

Fluid mechanics Questions - Manning's Formula

11) The angle between the tow sloping sides of a standard triangular weir is 60 degrees. When the head of the crest of the weir is .525ft, the rate of discharge, in cubic feet per second, would be? .405 cfs, .331 cfs, .368 cfs, .294 cfs. 12) The diameter of a circular sewer is 42 in., and the rate of slope is .

Fluid Mechanics

6) A sewer 24 in. in diameter is made of concrete pipe for which the value of n may be taken as .014. The rate of slope is .0007, and the depth of the liquid is 18.0 in. what is the rate of discharge. 6.3 cfs., 5.1 cfs, 5.5 cfs, 4.2 cfs 7) The Reynolds number for liquid flowing in a pipe is 28,600. The frictio

Calculating Fluid Mechanics

1) The bed of a canal falls 2.63ft. vertically in a horizontal distance equal to 2150 ft. The rate of slope of the hydraulic grade line for the canal is? .00164, .00082, .00122, .00041 2) An open channel having a rectangular cross section is laid so that the rate of grade is .00048. The width of the channel is 10.00 ft., and

Discussing a Bernoulli Problem

Please help understanding the effects of a stream which is flowing through a tube. I've prepared the following problem for discussion. Using Bernoulli's equation and the steady flow momentum relation to calculate the net force on a tube from a dynamic pressure drop and a water flow stream flowing through ta tube. See the a

Venturi meter - Similitude problem

A model of a venturi meter has linear dimensions one-fifth those of the prototype. The prototype operates on water at 20 degrees Celsius, and the model on water at 95 degrees Celsius. For a throat diameter of 600 mm and a velocity at the throat of 6 m/s in the prototype, what discharge is needed through the model for similitude?

Fluid Mechanics - Volume

10. Two containers contain water at 20 C and 92 C, respectively. How much water should be taken out from each container so that the resulting water mixture has a volume 362 L and a temperature of 30 C. (All these problem are in the book FLUID MECHANICS 9th edition, by Streeter, Wylie & Bedford ISBN: 0-07-062537-9).

Losses due to sudden expansion in pipe

Air flows through a 650-mm-diameter duct at p=70kPa, t=10*C and the V=60m/s. The duct suddenly expands to 800-mm-diameter. Considering the gas as incompressible, calculate the losses in meter-newtons per newton of air, and the pressure difference in centimeters of water. See attached file for full problem description. (All

Calculate the required diameter of a parachute with jumper

16. A parachute jumper with associated gear weighs 250 lb. The vertical component of the landing speed should not be more that 20 ft/s. By assuming the parachute to be open hemisphere, determine the required diameter of the parachute to be used at standard pressure and 80°F. Please see attached. FLUID MECHANICS 9TH EDITION.

Volume and Cubic Meters

A volume of 100.cm3, is how many cubic meters? a. 1.00 b. 1.00 x 10^-2 c. 1.00 x 10^-4 d. 1.00 x 10^-6 e. 1.00 x 10^-3

A piece of wood

A piece of wood floats in oil density 8oo kg/m^3 with 25% of its volume above the durface of the oil. if the piece of wood is placed in water, it will float in water with a. 60% of its volume above the water b. 25% of its volume above the water c. 40% of its volume above the water d. 75% of its volume above the water

Pressure on a submarine

Assuming the density of seawater is 1.03 g/cm3, find the total weight of water on top of a nuclear submarine at a depth of 185 m if its (horizontal cross-sectional) hull area is 3200 m2. In atmospheres, what pressure would a diver experience at this depth? Do you think that occupants of a damaged submarine at this depth cou

A large cylinder tub of water rests at the edge of a table 150.0 cm high.

A large cylinder tub of water rests at the edge of a table 150.0 cm high. The tub is full, it is 110.0 cm tall with top area of 1000 cm^2. If a hole 1.0 cm^2 is made in its side 10.0 cm above the bottom: (a) Determine the speed of the water as it leaves the side. (b) How far will it reach when it hits the ground?

Find the mass of the log...

A log of wood is floating in water with 40% of its volume above the surface of the water. if the volume of the log is 0.4 m^3, find the mass of the log. a. 200kg b. 240 kg c. 160 kg d. 16 kg

Find the height at which the tank is located...

Water is pumped through a pipe to a tank at the top of a building. The pressure of the water at ground level is 2.2* 10^5 Pa and at the tank, the pressure is atmospheric. If the diameter of the pipe is the same throughout, find the height at which the tank is located. Atmospheric pressure may be assumed as 1.0 * 10^5 Pa and G as

Fluid Dynamics and Bernoulli's Equation Problem

A SCUBA diver descends to 30 meters underwater: (a) Write an algebraic expression for the total pressure on the diver at that point and define the various quantities. (b) Calculate the pressure in atmospheres.

Determining the Fluid Dynamics and Bernoulli's Equation

The gauge pressure in a garden hose is 2.0 atmospheres. If the cross-sectional area of the hose is 4.0 cm^2 and the nozzle output area is 0.4 cm^2(cm^2= 10^-4m^2): (a) How fast does the water leave the hose? (b) If the hose is held parallel to the ground and is 1.0 m above the ground, how far out will it travel before it hits

Fluid Dynamics & Bernoulli's Equation

Imagine a round container with 4 water spouts at the heights of 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm. The water level is maintained at a 45 cm height by an outside supply. (a) What is the speed of the water out of each hole? (b) Which water stream has the greatest range relative to the base of the container? Justify the answer.

Solving for Volume

Question: Given that we have 1200 cm^3 of helium at 15 degrees Celsius and 99kPa, what will be its volume at STP?

Fluid Mechanics: U Tubes

A U tube open at both ends is partially filled with water. Oil having a density of 750 kg/cubic meter is then poured into the right arm and forms a column L = 5.00 cm high. (a) Determine the difference h in the heights of the two liquid surfaces. The right arm is then shielded from any air motion while air is blown across the

Fluid Mechanics of a Shock Wave

When a body is travelling faster than the local speed of sound, often a shock wave is created. Describe the physical causes of such a shock wave. (See attachment for full question)

Problem 15.41

Please do not include your response in a .pdf or .cdx format, but Word documents are okay. Thanks! Here's the actual problem: A U-shaped tube, open to the air on both ends, contains mercury. Water is poured into the left arm until the water column is 13.1 cm deep. How far upward from its initial position does the mercury i

Mass and Buoyancy of Wood and Iron

Taking buoyancy of air into account, which has the greater mass: A large block of wood or a smaller block of iron on weighing scales and both having the same weight- 1 ton?