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Fluid Mechanics

Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similtude

Determine the specific gravity of spherical particles, D=(1/200 in), which drop through air at 33degrees F at a speed U of 0.3 ft/s. The drag force on a small sphere in laminar motion is given by 3(pi)(mu)DU. This problem is in Fluid Mechanics by Victor Streeter.

Mass and density of system

Determine the mass of wire having a relative density of 8.77 which must be wrapped around a cork weighing 15 g in order that the cork shall just sink in fresh water. The cork's relative density=0.24.

Determining the cardiac output using Fick's method

Find the cardiac output of a heart using Fick's method given that the concentration of oxygen in the pulmonary artery is 14mL/100 mL (Cin) and in the vein is 20 mL/100 mL (Cout). Oxygen uptake (U) by the lungs is 300 mL/min. Assume that blood flows at a constant rate Q mL/min (the cardiac output).