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    Fluid Mechanics with the Reynolds Number

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    6) A sewer 24 in. in diameter is made of concrete pipe for which the value of n may be taken as .014. The rate of slope is .0007, and the depth of the liquid is 18.0 in. what is the rate of discharge. 6.3 cfs., 5.1 cfs, 5.5 cfs, 4.2 cfs

    7) The Reynolds number for liquid flowing in a pipe is 28,600. The friction factor f in the chezy-darcy formula is? .0243, .0217, .0230, .0203.

    8) The cross section of a canal dug in the ground is a trapezoid. The width at the bottom is 20.00 ft. and the rate of slope of each inclined side is 1 ft. horizontal to 2 ft. vertical. If the depth of the water is 5.40 ft, the hydraulic radius is? 4.98 ft, 3.97 ft, 4.83 ft, 3.82 ft.

    9) A sewer has a circular cross section 36 in. in diameter and is half full of liquid. The rate of slope is .0005, and the value of the factor n in Kutters formula may be taken as .015. The value of the factor C to be used in the Chezy formula is? 129, 106, 118, 92.

    10) A circular sewer having a diameter equal to 36 in. is half full of liquid. If Manning's formula is used, n is taken as .015, and the rate of slope is .0012, the rate of discharge, in cubic ft per second, would be? 7.4 cfs, 14.8 cfs, 10.0 cfs, 20.0 cfs

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