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    Fluid Mechanics: Ideal and viscous flow of fluids

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    1/ water is flowing smoothly in a closed pipe system. At one point the speed of the water is 3.0m/s, while at another point 2m higher the speed is 5.0m/s. (a) if the pressure is 50kPa at the lower point, what is the pressure at the higher point? (b) What would the pressure at the upper point be if the water were to stop flowing and the pressure at the lower point were 40kPa? (c) Determine the volumetric flow rate and the cross sectional area of the tube at the higher point if the cross sectional area at the lower point is 30cm squared.

    2/ a small glass plate of 250cm squared is sliding on a horizontal flat surface covered by water layer of 3mm thick. find the force required to move the plate at a constant velocity of 0.1m/s. the viscosity of the water is 10 to the minus 3 Pas.

    3/ the blood flow through a large artery in a dog is diverted through a venturi flow meter. the wider part of the flow meter has an area A1=0.08cm squared, which equals the cross sectional area of the artery. the narrower part of the flow meter is 25Pa. What is the velocity v1 of the blood in the artery? (the density of the blood is 1080kg/m cubed.

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