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    EM Waves

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    Electromagnetic Field Theory - Matlab

    Write several MATLAB functions that will solve these 3 problems. I have provided both the problems and the solutions, so all I need help with is the MATLAB coding. I need to be able use other values as inputs, please do not set all of the parameters as fixed inputs. Here are my variable inputs for each problem Problem

    A Proposal and Recommendation in Argument is given.

    This posting explores these inquiries: 1) In Intuitive Eating, analyze its introduction. What sort of introduction does the author use? How does it fit with the author's goals for the proposal? Is it successful? 2) In Daemon Seed, analyze its conclusion. What sort of conclusion does the author use? How does it fit with th

    What is the frequency of yellow-green light?

    Light is an electromagnetic wave and travels at a speed of 3.00 x 10^8 m/s. The human eye is most sensitive to yellow-green light, which has a wavelength of 5.45 x 10^-7m. How you find out the frequency of this light?

    Role of the brain in activity

    Imagine you take a bite out of your favorite food: PIZZA: Briefly discuss the role that each part of the brain plays in theis "simple" act. Need explaination or a detailed description of hwta role the brain and its part take in this activity.

    Chinese Business Relations

    Part 1 Provide a discussion of information on: 1. Currencies 2. Trade policies, and 3. Cultural variables that may affect operations and profitability. 4. Including import/export restrictions, labor relations, supplier financing, tax rules, depreciation schedules, currency properties and restrictions, and sources of sho

    Police - Interrogation of Terrorist

    Should U.S. Police Forces, which are severely restricted in how they can interrogate and use electronic surveillance, be granted more freedom and power in order to implement counter-terrorist measures? Consider the possible ramifications of your answer.

    Plane Wave Propagation

    This is a multiple choice question on plane wave propagation in electromagnetic field as found in the attached file.

    Impedance of RLC circuit, electromagnetic wave

    1) Under what conditions is the impedance in an LRC circuit a minimum? 2) At a given instant in time, a traveling electromagnetic wave is noted to have its maximum magnetic field pointing west and its maximum electric field pointing south. In what direction is the wave traveling? If the rate of energy flow is 500W/m^2, wh

    Problem on wave.

    A police car is moving to the right at P m/s, while a speeder is coming up from behind at a speed I m/s, both speeds being with respect to the ground. The police officer points a radar gun at the oncoming speeder. Assume that the electromagnetic wave emitted by the gun has a frequency of H Hz. Find the magnitude of the differenc

    Superposition of Waves

    The broadcast antenna of an Am radio station is located at the edge of town. The station owners would like to beam all of the energy into town and none into the countryside, but a single antenna radiates energy equally in all directions. The attached figure shows two parallel antennas separated by a distance L. Both antennas bro


    It takes light 20 min to travel from Mars to Earth. How might this affect a conversation between an astronaut on Mars and people on Earth? Explain. Suppose an ultra-powerful telescope were used for visual communication. Would this telescope speed things up? Why?

    Wave length/frequency/speed of sound & EM waves

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- 20.25 Part A : At 20 degree C, what is the frequency of a sound wave in air with a wavelength of 17.0 cm ? Part B : What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 17.0 cm ? Part C : What would be the wavelength of a sound wave in water t

    Ultrasonic Waves

    Please answer all questions with full explanations 1) An ultrasound wave has frequency 100 kHz and wavelength (in air) of 3.5mm. What is the speed of these ultrasonic waves? 2) 3mm wavelength radar waves have speed 3.00 x 10(8) ms(-1) (as do all electromagnetic waves in air) what is their frequency? 3) Ultrasound is a l

    Electromagnetic waves

    The average intensity of sunlight reaching the earth is 1390 W/m^2. A charge of 2.6 x 10^-8 C is placed in the path of this electromagnetic wave. (a) What is the magnitude of the maximum electric force that the charge experiences? (b) If the charge is moving at a speed of 3.7 x 10^4 m/s, what is the magnitude of the maximum m

    Child Development and Families in Transition

    1. If a child's temperament is not a good "fit" with the temperament of is caregiver, how can this slow down his socialization? 2. How do a person's peers socialize him? 3. What are the three broad categories of temperament people can have? 4. List several of the rather scary, ecological trends of society that challeng

    Brief description and analysis of Coca-Cola (2005)

    See file attached for the questions. The textbook does not include the information about Coca-Cola, but the textbook's name is given (might help with the solutions for the questions asked). Thanks THE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK Textbook: Mullins, LJ 2002, Management and organizational behavior, 7th edition, Harlow; Financia

    Skin Depth in Sea Water

    I'm working on this sample problem and am totally lost. "A vehicle located far above the survace of the sea transmits an electro-magnetic signal at the frequency f ..." (see attachment for complete problem - thanks!)

    EM waves passing through the axon

    The axon of the neuron, the nerve cell of the human body, has a diameter of approximately 0.2 microns. how long does it take for EM waves to pass through the axon? (Assuming EM can pass through it.) How many cycles of EM waves occur during the above passage, using 1.50 x 10 to the 23rd power Hz.

    Working with Loud Speaker Systems

    The theatre is putting on a new musical and they are changing from traditional rifle microphones to radio microphone system. The theatre has some concerns over doing this, they are: transmitter operation with regard to power supplies, inter-modulation problems and choice of transmitter frequency band and output power. Please