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Impedance of RLC circuit, electromagnetic wave

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1) Under what conditions is the impedance in an LRC circuit a minimum?

2) At a given instant in time, a traveling electromagnetic wave is noted to have its maximum magnetic field pointing west and its maximum electric field pointing south. In what direction is the wave traveling? If the rate of energy flow is 500W/m^2, what are the maximum values for the two fields?

3) Light exerts pressure on surfaces on which if falls (radiation pressure). Will this pressure be greater on a shiny surface or a dark surface?

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Question 1
Impedance of an LRC circuit is given by : Z = √R2 + (XL-XC)2
where R = resistance, XL = inductive reactance = ωL (L = inductance, ω=angular frequency) and XC = capacitive reactance = 1/ωC (C = capacitance)

The values of XL and XC vary with the frequency and at resonance both are equal. Thus, at resonance XL = XC and the impedance has the minimum ...

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Problems on impedance of RLC circuit, electromagnetic wave and radiation pressure. The light which exerts on surfaces are determined.