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    RLC values in an AC circuit

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    A series RLC circuit has R=150 ohm, L=500 mH, C=30 uF is connected to a signal generator, whose output frequency is adjusted to 100 Hz and the averaged output voltage is 10.0V (a) Calculate the impedance Z of the circuit; (b) Find the voltage on each element measured by a voltmeter. (c) Calculate the power factor cos(theta). (d) If the value of the capacitor is suspected to be lower than the stated value, find a way to measure the exact value of the capacitor using the equipment (the signal generator and digital multi-meters) provided.

    See attachment for symbol representation.

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    XL = 2*pi*f*L = 2*pi*100*0.5 = 314.16 ohm
    XC = 1/(2*pi*f*C) = 1/(2*pi*100*30*10^-6) = 53.05 ohm
    Impedance, Z = sqrt (R^2 + (XL -XC)^2) = ...

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    This solution contains detailed steps to calculate different parameters such as impedance, current, and power factor of the circuit using the given RLC values in an AC circuit.