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    An RLC Circuit

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    Question: A series RLC circuit has components with the following values: R = 50.0 Ohms, L= 200.0mH, and C = 10,0 uF. The circuit contains an emf source e(t) = (200V) sin [500 (rad/s) t].

    (a) Compute the impedance and phase angle for this circuit.
    (b) Find an expression for the current i(t) in the circuit.
    (c) Evaluate the potential drop across each circuit element at t = 0.7s and verify that their sum totals to e(t) at this same time.

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    R = 50 ohm
    L = 200 mH == 0.2 H
    C = 10 muF = 10*10^(-6) F
    e(t) = 200 sin(500t)
    hence, omega (w) = 500
    Vo = 200 V

    a. Impedence
    Z = sqrt (R^2 + (X_L - X_C )^2)

    X_L = w*L = 500*0.2 = 100 ohm
    X_C = 1/(w*C) = 1/(500*10*10^(-6)) ...

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