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Atoms & Molecules

Ranking pressures in order of increasing temperature.

You have six sealed containers, all having the same volume, that contain ideal gases with a different number of molecules at various pressures. The values of the number of molecules (N) and the pressure (P) are listed below. Rank these containers in order of increasing temperature, from smallest to largest. (If B is lowest, th

Calculating the center of mass of a molecule

The carbon monoxide molecule (CO) consists of a carbon atom and an oxygen atom separated by a distance of 1.13 * 10^-10 m. The mass of mc = 0.750 mo. Determine the location of the center of mass of this molecule relative to the carbon atom.

Interaction between two atoms

A commonly used potential energy function to describe the interaction between two atoms is the Lennard-Jones potential U=e((Ro/R)^12-2(Ro/R)^6) a) Show that the radius at the potential minimum is Ro, and that the depth of the potential well is e. b) Find the frequency of small oscillations about equilibrium for 2 identi

Practice question to get accustomed to significant numbers.

The answer should not contain more significant figure than the question. A carbon dioxide molecule contains a carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. Calculate its mass in: a) atomic mass units b)kilograms. (Amu of carbon = 14, Amu of oxygen = 16) See attachment below.