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Physics Problems

How does the number of atoms in a 26.5 gram gold ring compare to the number in a silver ring of the same mass?

Amoung the higest and lowest temperatures recorded are 136degrees F in the Libyan desert and -129Degrees F in the Antarctica. What are these in Celsius?

To make a secrue fit, rivets that are larger than the rivit hole are often used and the rivit is cooled, before it is placed in the hole. A steel rivit 1.871cm in diameter is to be placed in a hole 1.869cm in diameter at 20Degrees C. To what temperature must the rivit be colled if it is to fit the hole?

A storge tank contains 21.6kg of nitrogen (N2) at an absolute pressure of 3.65atm. What will the pressure be if the nitrogen is replaced by an equal mass of CO2?

Twelve molecules have the following speeds, given in units of km/s. 6,2,4,6,0,4,1,8,5,3,7,8. Calculate the rms speed?

To What tempature will 7700J of heat raise 3.0kg of water that in initially at 10.0degrees C?

An automobile cooling system holds 16L of water. How much heat does it absorbe if its tempature rises from 20 degrees C to 90 degrees C?

A 215g sample of a substance is heated to 330 degrees C and then plunged into a 105g aluminum calorimeter cup containg 165g of water and a 17g glass thermometer at 12.5 degrees C. The final temp. is 35.0 degrees C What is the specific heat of the substance? (assume no water boils away)

During exercise, a person may give off a 180kcal of heat in 30 min. by evaporation
of water from the skin. How much water is lost?

Calculate the rate of heat by conduction, assuming that there are strong gusty winds and the external temp is -5degrees C. Glass window 2.0m x 1.5 m in area and 3.2mm thick inner and outer surface are 15.0degreesC and 14.0 degrees C

One end of a 33cm long aluminum rod with a diameter of 2.0cm is kept at 460 degrees C. and the other is immersed in water at 22 degrees C. Calculate the heat conduction rate along the rod?