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Weight Density and Pressure of Falling Container

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A cylinder container has a couple of holes punched into the bottom of it and the water is spurting out the holes due to the water pressure. You drop the water filled cylinder and as it is free falling the water no longer spurts out the holes.

What happens to g, and hence weight, and hence weight density, and hence the pressure in the reference frame of the falling container?

Could use an simple yet logical explanation of what happens in this scenario and also answers to the questions.

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This solution provides briefs explanations of general physics concepts, including gravity, weight, and pressure.

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We can think of an simple example. Assume there are two cars chasing on the highway. Both cars have the same speed and acceleration and therefore, the relative speed between these two cars is always zero and the distance between these two cars is always a constant. If you are in one of ...

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