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Chemical: Gas-Related Problems

6. A gas operates under isothermal conditions. The initial volume of gas in the pump is 22.4 liters, the pressure is one atmosphere and temperature is 273 deg K. if 0.6 mole of gas is released and the volume remains unchanged calculate the new pressure.

7. calculate the minimum energy a photon must have to produce an electron hole pair in an extrinsic semiconductor of band gap 1.3 electron volts.

8. A sealed flexible container of gas in good thermal contact with medium at 300 degree K is moved to another environment at 400 degree K. determine the percentage change in volume

9. With the container in the 400 degree K environment how much gas must be released to return the volume to value it had at 300 degree K.

10. The drift mobility of the free charge caries in a material is 10^-2 m^2 v^-1s^-1, the charge on the electron is 1.6*10^-19 coulombs. Calculate the density of free charge carries if the conductivity is 1.0*10^-6 ohm m.

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