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    Resulting acceleration

    A 3.00-kg mass and a 5.00-kg mass hang vertically at the ends of a rope that goes over an ideal pulley. If the masses are released, what is the resulting acceleration of the masses? 0 m/ 3.68 m/ 2.45 m/ 6.13 m/

    Calculate the mass of a car in acceleration

    To determine the mass of a car, a student (with a friend at the wheel) pushes the car holding a bathroom scale between himself and the car and carefully maintains a constant reading of 400 N on the scale while the car accelerates on level ground. At the conclusion of the experiment his friend reports that the car accelerated fro

    Two objects forces

    You apply the same force to two objects. Object 1 has mass M and object 2 has mass 5M. The acceleration of object 2 is Choices: five times that of object 1. the same as that of object 1. one-fifth as that of object 1. has no relation to that of object 1.

    Velocity and Acceleration - true or false

    True or False: The average velocity of a car traveling with a constant acceleration during a certain time interval is equal to the mean of the velocities at the beginning and end of that time interval.

    Vector questions

    1. The vector expression of an acceleration can be obtained by: a. Differentiation position vector once b. Differentiation velocity vector once c. Differentiation position vector three times d. Differentiation velocity vector twice 2. The work of forces acting on a rigid body can be expressed as: a. the dot product

    Find the average acceleration

    The positions of two blocks at successive 0.20 second time intervals are represented by numbered squares in the diagram below. The blocks are moving toward the right. 20. Do the blocks ever have the same speed? Explain the reasoning behind your answer. A. No B. Yes at instant 2 C. Yes at instant 5 D. Yes at insta

    Classical Kinematics and Cyclist Speeds

    Two cyclists are racing on a track that looks like the following diagram (see attachment). Each horizontal section is 100 metres long. Cyclist 1: Angelo has a mass that is twice of Cyclist 2: Jackie. Both Angelo and Jackie start at rest and apply an equal Force to their bikes in section A, after which each of them stops ped

    Gas dynamics problem.

    Helium gas enters an adiabatic nozzle steadily at 500 degrees C and 600 kPa with a low velocity, and exits at a pressure of 90 kPa. What is the highest possible velocity of helium gas at the nozzle exit?

    Force, motion and friction

    Find , the constant force with the least magnitude that must be applied to the board in order to pull the board out from under the box (which will then fall off of the opposite end of the board). Express your answer in terms of some or all of the variables M1 ,M2 , Us ,g , and L.

    Acceleration, Velocity & Net Force on a Car

    A 1500-kg car travels at a constant speed of 22m/s around a circular track that has a radius of 85m. Determine the: A. Magnitude of Acceleration of the car B. Average Velocity of the car during one revolution C. Magnitude of the net force that acts on the car.

    Set of three problems on Newton's laws of motion

    1) A window washer of mass M is sitting on a platform suspended by a system of cables and pulleys as shown (see attachment). He is pulling on the cable with a force of magnitude F . The cables and pulleys are ideal (massless and frictionless), and the platform has negligible mass. Find the magnitude of the minimum force that a

    Rotational Kinematics of a Rotor

    The angular speed of the rotor in a centrifuge increases from 420 to 1420 rad/s in a time of 5.00 s. (a.)What is the angle through which the rotor turns. (b.)What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration?

    Physics Questions

    (26) A 6.0 kg object is brought to the Moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is only one sixth of that on the Earth. a) The mass of the object on the Moon is (1) zero, (2) 1.0 kg, (3) 6.0 kg or (4) 36kg. Why? b) What is the weight of the object on the Moon? (41) The mass of the object is 10kg and the force on the object

    Car acceleration problem

    1,000kg car is parked on hill. The car rolls down hill accelerating 10mph, and hits a guard rail pushes it back 1.5 meters What acceleration did the car experience and how much force must the guard rail have supplied to slow it down.

    tension in the rope and acceleration

    Blocks A, B & C are connected by ropes of negligible mass. Both A & B weigh 25.0 N each, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between each box block and the surface is 0.35. Block C descends with constant velocity. a) Find tension in the rope connecting blocks A & B. b) What is the weight of block C? c) If rope connect

    One along a straight line and the other along a curved path.

    One of the toughest problem in Dynamics. Problem- At the instant shown, car A has a speed of 20 km/h, which is being increased at the rate of 300 km/h2 as the car enters an expressway. At the same instant, car B is decelerating at 250 km/h2 while traveling forward at 100 km/h. Determine the velocity and acceleration of A

    Calculations for Velocity

    A spacecraft is traveling with a velocity of vox=5480 m/s along the x direction. Two engines are turned on for a time of 842s. One engine gives the spacecraft an acceleration in the x direction of ax = 1.20 m/s^2, while the other gives it an acceleration in the y direction of ay=8.40 m/s^2. At the end of the firing what is a) vx

    Acceleration of skateboarder rolling down a ramp

    A skateboarder, starting from rest, rolls down a 12.0 m ramp. When she arrives at the bottom of the ramp her speed is 7.70 m/s. a.) what is the magnitude of her acceleration? b.) if the ramp is inclined at 25.0 degrees with respect to the ground, what is the component of her acceleration that is parallel to the ground?

    How many rotations a blood sample makes in a centrifuge

    A centrifuge is a device in which a small container of material is rotated at a high speed on a circular path. Such a device is used in medical laboratories, for instance, to cause the more dense red blood cells to settle through the less dense blood serum and collect at the bottom of the container. Suppose the centripetal accel

    There is a clever kitchen gadet for drying lettuce leaves after you

    There is a clever kitchen gadet for drying lettuce leaves after you wash them.It consists of of cylindrical container mounted so that it can be rotated about its axis by turning a hnd crank. The outer wall of the cylinder is perforated with small holes. you put the wet leaves in the container and turn the cranks to spin off the

    What is the magnitude of the motorcycle's acceleration?

    A 292 kg motorcycle is accelerating up along a ramp that is inclined 30 degrees above the horizontal. The propulsion force pushing the motorcycle up the ramp is 3150 N and air resistance produces a force of 250 N that opposes the motion. What is the magnitude of the motorcycle's acceleration?

    Kinetic Frictional Force on the Box in the Elevator

    A 6.00 kg box is sliding across the horizontal floor of an elevator. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is .360. What is the kinetic frictional force that acts on the box when the elevator is a.)stationary, b.) accelerating upward with an acceleration whose magnitude is 1.20 m/s^2 and c.) accelera

    Satellites and Circular Orbit

    Communication satellites are placed in a circular orbit that is 3.59 x 10^7 m above the surface of the earth. What is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity at this distance?

    acceleration of a superball

    A 50.0g superball traveling at 25.0 m/s bounces off a brick wall and rebounds at 22.0m/s. A high-speed camera records this event. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 3.50ms, what is the magnitude of the average acceleration of the ball during this time interval? (note 1 ms= 10^-3 s.) Textbook answer to this problem is