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Calculate the mass of a car in acceleration

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To determine the mass of a car, a student (with a friend at the wheel) pushes the car holding a bathroom scale between himself and the car and carefully maintains a constant reading of 400 N on the scale while the car accelerates on level ground. At the conclusion of the experiment his friend reports that the car accelerated from rest to 14.0 km/hr in 12.0 s.

What was the mass of the car?
343 kg
1230 kg
3360 kg
3430 kg

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With full calculations and explanations, the problem is solved. The mass of a car in acceleration are determined.

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First we must find the acceleration of the car:

v = v0 +at

Where v is teh final speed, v0 is teh initial speed (in this case v0=0), a is the acceleration and t is the ...

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