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    Relating Power to Distance and Speed: Conversion Problems

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    STEP1: A 240 horsepower car that weighs 4300 lbs beginning at a stop travels 1/10 of a mile. At optimum performance, what is the maximum speed in MILES per HOUR the car can reach? What is the speed in Mi/Hr at 1/15 of a mile?

    STEP2: In the same car, how many FEET have been traveled (at max performance) when the car reaches the speed of 35 MPH?

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    A lot of this question is to do with unit conversion, so a good webpage to see for these types of conversions is: http://www.energy.iastate.edu/renewable/wind/wem/wem-18_apen_a.html

    Not all conversions are there, but you can find the rest on the web or from a book somewhere.

    STEP 1

    Data given:
    Power=240 Horsepower
    Mass=4300 lbs
    distance=1/10 mile

    You need to work out what the maximum speed is in the given distance. Obviously to reach this you have to have maximum acceleration and hence you must use the maximum amount of force available to you during the whole time. That is, you need to use the full 240 horsepower at your disposal.

    The formulae you need to use are as follows:

    Power (Watts) = Force x distance

    The power must be in watts, so you convert from horsepower to ...

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    Power is related to speed and distance. Power is converted into acceleration during the process.