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work done by force

(26) A 6.0 kg object is brought to the Moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is only one sixth of that on the Earth. a) The mass of the object on the Moon is (1) zero, (2) 1.0 kg, (3) 6.0 kg or (4) 36kg. Why? b) What is the weight of the object on the Moon?

(41) The mass of the object is 10kg and the force on the object is 60N at an angle of 60 degrees. What is the normal force and the acceleration?

(44) A 2.5 kg bullet traveling at 350 m/s hits a tree and slows down uniformly to stop while penetrating a distance of 12cm into the tree's trunk. What was the force exerted on the bullet in bringing it to rest?

(43) A constant net force of 75N acts on an object initially at rest through a parallel distance of 0.60m. a) What is the final kinetic energy of the object? B) If the object has a mass of 0.20kg, what is its final speed?

(71) When a certain rubber ball is dropped from a height of 1.25m onto a hard surface, it loses 18.0% of its mechanical energy on each bounce. A) How high will the ball bounce on the first bounce? B) How high will it bounce on the second bounce? C) With what speed would the ball have to be thrown downward to make it reach its original height on the first bounce?

(77) A 28-kg child slides down a playground slide from a height of 3.0m above the bottom is 2.5 m/s, what is the work done by non-conservative forces?

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