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    Applied Ethics

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    Ethical scenarios

    This is an ethical scenario. I am looking for some validity on this subject. Below is the scenario and my response . I wondered if anyone can give me something more concrete than this. Scenario: You are a leader of a group going on a field trip. You have repeatedly told all the children they need a release form from their pa

    Ethical Issues are noted.

    A novice author wrote a moving memoir and was lucky enough to be included in the book club list of a reputable talk show host. As a result, the memoir was an overnight success. Shortly after, it was discovered that some fundamental details of the memoir were fabricated. The publisher provided a refund to those who purchased the

    Peter Singer - Famine, Affluence and Morality

    In Peter Singer's view he feels that everyone should live within "MARGINAL UTILITY". I do not feel that this is feesible. He does not take into account that the people he wants to give up their money have earned it or he hasn't yet set any standards for what is Marginal Utility, from a rich person to a middle class person to a p

    Ethical Development & Metaethics

    Does it seem that people are in the various stages (Preconventional level, Conventional level and/or a Postconventional level) that Lawrence Kolberg presents? Do most people remain in the conventional stage of ethical development? In agreement with Kolberg’s stratification. When considering arguments for ethical abs