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    media's influence in the promotion of a book

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    A novice author wrote a moving memoir and was lucky enough to be included in the book club list of a reputable talk show host. As a result, the memoir was an overnight success. Shortly after, it was discovered that some fundamental details of the memoir were fabricated. The publisher provided a refund to those who purchased the book, and the talk show host recanted support of the book. This caused even more publicity for the author. Discuss the media's influence in the promotion of a book. What level of influence does this have on your decision to buy or not buy the book? I need to be the reader from the example and explain the level of accountability in this incident. Explain his/her position before, during, and after the lapse in integrity was discovered.

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    I discuss the issue below. You needn't, of course, agree with the perspectives I propose. Just take them as pointers for ways of bringing the matter into focus. I hope this helps!
    The question asks us to focus on two agents, the media and the reader. Clearly, the talk show host's endorsement of the book generated some publicity for it. That seems blameless. The only argument against that is that the talk show host should be expected to scrutinize the veracity of ostensible works of non-fiction recommended to the public. However, it does not seem that s/he would be in an especially good position to do this. It is likely that s/he recommended the book on the strength of its literary merits such as ...

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