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    Vector Calculus

    Velocity/position vectors

    Given that the acceleration vector is a(t) = (-9cos(-3t)) i + (-9sin(-3t)) j + (-2t) k , the initial velocity is v(0) = i + k , and the initial position vector is r(0) = i+j+k , compute: A. The velocity vector B. The position vector

    Hilbert Space and Subspace

    Problem. Show that if is an orthonormal set in a Hilbert space H, then the set of all vectors of the form is a subspace of H. Hint: Take a Cauchy sequence , where . Set and show that is a Cauchy sequence in . Please see the attached file for full problem description.

    Gradients : Elliptic Paraboloid and Vector Fields

    Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Suppose that a mountain has the shape of an elliptic paraboloid , where a and c are constants, x and y are the east-west and north-south map coordinates and z is the altitude above the sea level (x,y,z are measured all in metres). At the point (1,1), in what direc

    Parametric Representation of Acceleration and Velocity

    Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Show that, if the acceleration of an object is always perpendicular to the velocity, then the speed of the object is constant. (hint, the speed is given by ). Show that, at a local maximum or minimum is perpendicular to .

    Vectors : Work Done on a Box Pushed up a Ramp

    A woman exerts a horizontal force of 10 pounds on a box as she pushes it up a ramp that is 7 feet long and inclined at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. Find the work done on the box.

    Vectors : Finding Work from A Force Vector

    A constant force F= -3i + 8j +10k moves an object along a straight line from point (-6, -5, -4) to point (-3, 1, -6). Find the work done if the distance is measured in meters and the magnitude of the force is measured in Newtons.

    Scalar and Vector Products

    We have three vectors: A = i + 2j ; B = 2j + k ; C = 2i + k a. Find the scalar triple product by direct multiplication. and b. The vector triple product by direct multiplication.

    Angle and Force Must the Second Tractor be Doing

    1) A river 35 m wide flows south at a speed if 15 m/s. What must be the velocity and heading of the boat if it is to move directly from the west bank to the east bank in 5 seconds? 2) Two tractors are hooked to a combine. the combine needs to be pulled due east at 400 N. One tractor is pulling at 190 N, 32degrees S of

    Vectors: Resultant Force

    Three horses exert forces on a hitching pole. What is the resultant force on the pole, if horse A exerts a force of 350 N at an angle of 48 degrees N of East, horse B exerts a force of 560 N at an angle of 37 degrees N of West, and horse C exerts a force of 200 N at an angle of 87 degrees N of East?

    What is the resultant force?

    A force of 25 N acts perpendicular to another force of 22 N. If the forces act together on the same object, what is the resultant force?

    Vectors and Resultant Force

    What is the resultant force for the following forces? 250 N due north, 525 N due south and 238 N 38 degrees south of west.

    Vector: Force Magnitudes

    A person pushes with a force directed along the lawn mower handle, which makes an angle of 52 degrees with the ground. What must be the magnitude of the person's force in order to produce a horizontal force of 35 lbs?

    Determining Resultant Force: Example Problem

    A rope is wrapped around a pole so that a force of 75 lbs acts on one end and a force of 53 lbs acts on the other end. If the angle between the two forces is 114 degrees what is the resultant force? What angle does the resultant force make with the 53 lbs force?

    Vectors and Force of a Docked Boat

    Find the force on the docking cable of a boat on which the wind acts in a northerly direction with a force of 235 lbs and the tide acts in an easterly direction with a force of 323 lbs.

    Vectors for Horizontal and Vertical Components

    A block of wood weighing 35 lbs is resting on an inclined plane sloped at 36 degrees to the floor. What is the component of weight down the plane? What is the component of weight perpendicular to the plane?

    Vector Components : Weight


    Equivalence of Versions of Angular Momentum Equations

    I need to show that the following two terms are equivalent: l = m(r2I - rr)xΩ l = r x mv = r x m(Ωx r) where r is the position vector from the origin to the particle l is the angular momentum I is the identity tensor Ω is the vector angular velocity x indicates a cross product rr is a dyadic product.

    Vector Fields for Evaluating Integrals

    Let a vector field F be given by F(x,y,z) = (x^3)i - (y^2)j + (2yz)k and a curve C be given by r(t) = 2ti + sintj - costk, 0 <= t <= (pi/2) 1. Evaluate the line integral F*dr. 2. Determine the arclength variable s from t. 3. Determine the unit tangent vector T(s). 4. Evaluate the total arclength L. 5. Write th

    Trees: Vertex; Cycle

    Let G be a graph in which every vertex has degree 2. Is G necessarily a cycle? *Please see attachment for additional information. Thanks. Use words to describe solution process. Use math symbol editor like LateX, please no stuff like <=.