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Calculus and Analysis

Differential Equations : Free Fall and Terminal Velocity

An object in free fall in a gravitational field is governed by the ODE m*dv/dt=mg + Fs, where m is the mass of the object, g=9.8 meters/sec is the acceleration of gravity, v(t) is the velocity of the object t seconds after it is released, and Fs denotes external forces acting on the object. In all that follows, assume that v(0)

Chaos : Conjugacy in Discrete Dynamical Systems

I am taking a course in Dynamics/Chaos and I am trying to prove conjugacy between the logistic and quadratic functions. I have some ideas, but cannot get the proof to work. Attached is a word document with the functions and problem.

Discontinuous function

Define a discontinuous function and state the conditions for discontinuity. Find whether the following functions are discontinuous: f(x)=1/x and f(x)=(x)^(1/2) Solve the following:(involves jump discontinuity) A tomato wholesaler finds that the price of newly harvested tomatoes is $16 per pound if he purchases fewer th

Finding tangent through a certain point (involves drawing a diagram)

A portion of a river has the shape of the equation y=1-x^2/4, where distances are measured in tens of kilometres, and the positive y-axis represents due north. the town of Coopers Crossing is situated on the river at its most northerly point. The town of Black Stump is 10 kilometres due south of Coopers Crossing. the town of And

Line Equations : Tangents & Normals

I) Find the equation of the tangent to y=x(1-x) at x=1 ii) Find the equation of the normal to y=x(1-x) at x=1 iii) Find the equations of the tangents to y=x(1-x) that pass through (-1, 1/4)

Multivariable calculus

Please show all work; don't explain each step. Please DON'T submit back as an attachment.Thank you Sketch the solid bounded by the graphs of the given equation and find its volume by triple integration: z = 10 - x^2 - y^2, y = x^2, x = y^2, z = 0

Multivariable Calculus : Centroid of a Plane

Find the centroid of the plane region bounded by the given curves. Assume that the density is  = 1 for each region: x = 0, y = 0, x + 2y = 4 : is the density symbol

Solution of Differential Equation

Verify that y_p , where y_p(x) = sin 2x, is a solution of the differential equation: y'' - y = -5 sin 2x. Use this fact to find the general solution of the equation

Differential equation

Please show all work; don't explain each step. Please DON'T submit back as an attachment.Thank you. Find the general solution of the differential equation: y''' + 2y'' + y' + 2y = 0

Differential Equation

For the following differential equation find all numbers r, real and complex, such that e^(rx) is a solution; find two linearly independent real solutions: (D^2 - 3D + 2) y = 0

Differential Equation : Basis

Verify that the given functions form a basis for the space of solutions of the given differential equation: x^2 y'' - 2xy' + 2y = 0, f_1(x) = x, f_2(x) = x^2, x > 0

Differential Equation

Most drugs are eliminated from the body according to a strict exponential decay law. Here are two problems that illustrate the process. 1. The drug Valium has a half-life in the blood of 36 hours. Assume that a 50-milligram dose of Valium is taken at time t=0. Let m(t) be the amount of drug in the blood in milligrams t hours

Parametric Equation

Professional golfer Nancy Lopez hits a golf ball with a force to produce an intinial velocity of 175 feet per second at an angle of 35 degrees above the horizontial. She estimates the distance to the hole to be 225 yards. A) Write the position of the ball as a pair of parametric equations. (I know that it is x=175tcos(35)and

Vector Problem : Force up Ramp

What would be the force required to push a 100-pound object along a ramp that is inclined 10 degrees with the horizontal?