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    Humanities: Renaissance and the Age of Baroque

    I really need direction here. For both the Renaissance and the Baroque, I need two good examples of each of the following: a. Art b. Music c. Descriptions or drawings of architecture d. Philosophy e. Literature Which examples would you expect to find in a time capsule? How does each example reflect world events and cul

    Humanism and slavery

    Why did slavery exist during the Renaissance when emphasis was being placed on the worth of humans and their unique qualities? How could Humanism and slavery exist at the same time?

    Who is the Greatest Renaissance Philosopher?

    Which Renaissance philosopher do you think developed the greatest contribution to humanity? Explain. How did the greatest contribution of the Renaissance philosopher you identified affect 18th and 19th century philosophy?

    Middle Ages

    Western Civilization achieved a relatively sophisticated level of organization during the High Middle Ages, ca. 900 - 1300 AD--why did medieval Europe give way to the early-modern era (post-1400 AD)? I responding, please consider the following events or movements; provide examples of how traditional political, religious, or


    1. What is "humanism"? 2. How has its meaning and application evolved over time in consideration of ancient Hebrew theology and law, ancient Greece, Republican or Imperial Rome, during the Renaissance and during the Reformation?

    Music in the Renaissance and Reformation

    You are planning to have a variety of live entertainment during the festival. There will be continuous live entertainment on stage. Additionally, you envision having small groups of roaming costumed musicians performing music from the Court of King Henry VIII. In order to be historically accurate, you are researching the music o

    Europe after the Reformation

    The religious heterogeneity that Europe confronted after the Reformation (and the fracturing of Western Christianity) posed serious political, religious, and cultural dilemmas for Europeans. 1. What were these dilemmas of religious difference, and what were their outcomes and results? 2. How did the French, Dutch and Germa