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Kinesiology/Human Kinetics

Burnout in athletes

The concept of burnout in athletes is discussed, including a description of symptoms and precursors. Tips to avoid burnout are given for athletes, parents and coaches.

An Overview of Factors Involved with Youth Sport

What positive and negative factors are involved in youth sport? What are the reasons children give for participating in or withdrawing from sport? This solution answers those questions and discusses the major negative factors associated with youth sport. The Parents' Code of Conduct is also described.

The Sexual Response Cycle

I need help writing a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing each phase of the sexual response cycle for males, females, and commonalities for both males and females. I need to also include a brief description of any sexual dysfunctions which can occur and common methods of treatment. reference the attached. Thanks in

Lymphatic System/Immune System

1. List the anatomical components of the lymphatic system. 2. How do lymphatic vessels originate? 3. Even though the lymphatic system is a component of the circulatory system, why is the term circulation not the most appropriate term to describe the flow of lymph? 4. Identify the body's first line of defense. 5. Acti

Anatomy and Biomechanical Analysis - Soccer Kick

1. Describe the joint movements using anatomical terminology of kicking a soccer ball. 2. Describe the kinematic analysis of movement. This should include displacements and velocities. Graphs with brief explanations are acceptable. Indicate whether the angular displacements are close to the maximal ranges of joint motion.