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Comparative Education

Strategic Action Plans

Why do educational organizations use strategic plans? What function does an action plan play in a comprehensive strategic plan? Can there be a strategic plan without an action plan? Why or why not? One of the components of a strategic plan is the Action Plan. in developing an outline for a comprehensive Action Plan for an or

Data Collection and Sample Population

3 pages to include references 1. Select a quantitative research questions and use it to guide your discussion of sample populations and data collection. What are the most important aspect that influence the career choices of American college students? Variable: Factors influencing career choices Group: American college

HPT Assessment

Compare and contrast the HPT model against the ADDIE Model and Gagnes Model. Determine how these models might work together for identifying performance gaps and designing solutions. Develop a presentation for the administrators in your school district about the HPT model, how it aligns with quality and quality performance, inclu

An Effective Course Syllabus

Please help with the following problem and include references. How may an effective course syllabus or instructional agenda guide the instructional process?

Comparing and contrasting learning theory approaches

The first cognitive approach indicates that Kermit has a desire to play the key board but due to several mistakes he tends to give up upon each mistake and then loses interest in particular pieces until he learns to play the keyboard for a particular song. Reading the keyboard manual could be considered to Kermit a task of compl

Evaluation and Assessment

Compare and contrast assessment and evaluation. How do you define assessment and evaluation and what are their purposes. How do you distinguish the purpose of formative assessment from sum strive assessment and what examples are there. How are assessment and evaluation used in the instructional design process

Developmental Education Courses

I need 4 statements with 4 brief paragraphs, with reference(s) on the issue below in caps. DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION COURSES AT THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Gather, evaluate, and organize evidence to support your position. Be sure the evidence is factual and accurate. Present evidence that effectively supports your position..

Human performance technology model

What is the human performance technology model or (HPT) and how does if align with instructional design concepts? How can the model be implemented and then evaluated? How can the HPT model be compared or contrasted to ADDIE and Gagne's models, as well as, how might these models work together to identify performance gaps and desi

Friedrich Froebel's Contributions to Early Education

List three contributions or practices from Friedrich Froebel regarding early education that are still in effect today. What do you think Froebel would say about the Kindergarten classes of today? The enactment of Froebel's original pedagogical theory was different in America. It was based on his German Idealist philosophy,

Editorial letter assignment regarding bilingual education theory

Imagine you are writing to educational editor of the NY Times. pretend you are a teacher looking to make changes you are not satisfied as a teacher in ny public schools with the way they handle or teaching ESL or Bilingual education you want to remind people of the importance of it you have tried to make changes in your school

Answers to four questions on assessments

Can some please help me answer the following questions: 1. How would you determine the most appropriate type of assessment for a lesson centered upon either a contemporary topic within your content area OR a lesson which introduces new material to students? 2. Find the definitions for formative and summativ

Comparative Adult Education/Training: A Graphic Organizer

I am trying to create a graphic organizer comparing the adult education or training opportunity in the United States with another country. It shall have the following as bases of comparison: Factors influencing participation Gender Social class Age Race Geographic proximity Public policy or gover

Computer Learning

What is the difference between computer based learning, computer mediated learning, computer aided instruction, computer based training.

Value of geography & Primary Phase of Education

1. What is the value of geography in the early years and primary phase of education? Note: I need as much information as possible to help answer this question for a degree level essay (2500 words). Thank you.

Technological Changes in Distance Education

I am considering Distance Education. Can you tell me what technological changes have occurred in distance education over the past two years e.g. software, hardware, wireless capabilities, fiber optics, communication system etc.? I am trying to learn more about technology in distant education. I need as much infromation as poss