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The Time Value of Money

Becker theorem

Using a "time + money" activity perspective, what are some of the changes you might anticipate from each of the following trends: a. The impact on Internet usage patterns as more of the world's Internet users coming from lower-income developing countries such as India, China, and Brazil? b.The impact of rising broadband ad

Macroeconomic study of Monetary Policy

In reference to "monetary policy," 1. Please describe the monetary system of the United States including how it is flexible in relation to economic conditions, and how the US Federal Reserve System changes the supply of money. 2. How does the supply of money impact the economy? These are topics that are touched on

(Policy Lags)

What lag in discretionary policy is described in each of the following statements? Why do long lags make discretionary policy less effective? a. The time from when the government determines that the economy is in recession until a tax cut is approved to reduce unemployment. b. The time from when the money supply is increa