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The Time Value of Money

The time value of money follows the idea that the value of money at the present time has a greater amount of value than the same amount it would have in the future because of inflation and interest rates. If money can earn interest, it is then worth more the sooner it can start earning interest. The time value of money quantifies the value of a dollar over a period of time and is affected by interest rate or rate of return. The basic idea of the time value of money is that the earlier the better.

The time value of money is separated into future value and present value. Future value is what the investment will amount to in the future and present value is what a sum in the future is worth in the present. The present value of a cash flow stream is equal to the sum of the individual cash flow’s present value. The future value of a cash flow stream is equal to the sum of the future values of individual cash flows.

An important part of the time value of money is simple interest and compound interest. Simple interest is just interest on the initial amount and stays the same over a period of time. Compound interest is interest that accumulates over time and dramatically grows over time.

The basic calculations for time value of money are taken from the algebraic expression of present value of a future sum that is discounted to the present with the amount being equal to the time value of money¹. Calculations based on the time value of money are present value, present value of annuity, present value of a perpetuity, and future value.



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Present Value of a Gold Mine in Three Years

Suppose you just inherited an gold mine. This gold mine is believed to have three years worth of gold deposit. Here is how much income this gold mine is projected to bring you each year for the next three years: Year 1: $49,000,000 Year 2: $61,000,000 Year 3: $85,000,000 Compute the present value of this stream of income

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Please refer to the attachment/s for missing diagrams. Answers are provided for the problems listed below. You may not find the solutions of all problems listed in the attachment/s. 1. Tom borrows $ 6000 for 5 five at 8% interest compounded annually. He repays the loan in a single payment at the end of the 5 year period.

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Define opportunity cost, does every business choice have an opportunity cost and give an example of a business practice with an economic cost that is different than its accounting cost. Give an example of a business practice with an opportunity cost that is different than its monetary cost. And can the opportunity cost of a give

Time Value of Money

Maria received an inheritance of $750,000 today a. If she invest it at 8% compounded annually and takes nothing out, how much will she have at the end of 20 years? b. If she take out $50,000 to but a car and invest the remainder at 8% compounded annually and takes nothing else out, how much will she have at the en

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If you have $2,500 to invest and need to withdraw $4,430 at some time in the future, what is the minimum number of whole years to leave the money invested at 5 percent?

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You have a friend who is always getting into trouble by taking unwise risks. What advice, based on applied economics, would you give this person? Conversely, what advice would you give someone you believe to be excessively wary of risk? Also, assume you are an investor in the stock market. What would be your position in that mar

Characteristics of Money.

Why is universal acceptability such an important characteristic of money? What other characteristics can you think of that might be important to market participants? What do you think might happen if we go away from money to a total electronic payment system? Discuss.

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See the attached file. 1. Assume the following for a 1 hour physician visit: On day 1, money cost of visit = $30 and quantity demand = 14; Time cost of a visit = $20; on day 2, money cost of a visit increases by $10 and quantity demand falls by 4 visits. Explain the importance of time costs in the demand for medical servic

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