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The Time Value of Money

Allocating Your Waking Hours to Work or Leisure Appropriately

There are 168 hours in a week. Of these, about 60 hours will go to sleeping (more or less). That leaves 108 hours for which we have a choice in terms of how we will spend that time. Let's assume that we will spend the 108 hours in either work or leisure, or some kind of combination of the two. A. What factors would you consid

Market forces: Demand in Economics

Explain the five demand shifters in managerial econimics-consumer income, prices of related goods, advertising and consumer taste, population, and consumer expectations and how they effect market forces.

Forecasting stock prices

1. Explain how puts and calls can be used to reduce reisk, speculate, and increase portfolio returns. 3. List a minimum of four fundamental factors to be considered when trying to forecast stock prices. 4. List two advantages of buying a put on a stock instead of selling it (the stock) short. 5. If you expect int


Helpful Tips: Text book: Corporate Finance, 8th edition, Ross. Westerfield. Jaffe Unit 2 Homework Submit answers, as an attachment, to the following questions to Unit 2 Dropbox. All calculations must be shown. For problems that have an Excel template, be sure to download the template from the publisher's web site, and s

Elasticity concept

Use an elasticity concept to explain each of the following observations. a. During economic boom times, the number of new personal care businesses, such as gyms and tanning salons, is proportionately greater than the number of other new business such as grocery stores. b.Cement is the primary building material in Mexico. A

Micro & Macro Economics Questions

1. What are the two types of fiscal policy and how are aggregate expenditures affected by each policy? 2. Briefly explain how each of the Federal Reserve's Monetary Polciy tools affects teh LM curve. 3. In the short-run what is the policy dilemma when the economy is experiencing stagflation> 4. If a government is co

Money Supply Multipliers

The money supply is broadly defined to include all the deposits held with the chartered banks and near banks. The deposits with near banks, on average, are equal to 80% of those held with the chartered banks. Currency held by the public to satisfy their day-to-day needs is equal to 10% of total deposits held by the depository

I have research questions

A. From time to time, the city of Chicago provides free concerts. Can this program be rationalized on the basis of welfare economics? Relate the program to the concept of merit goods. b. Some say, "Small corporations should face lower tax rates than large businesses, just as individuals with low incomes should face lower inco

Answer banking questions

1. Explain how do banks create money? What is money multiplier? 2. American (and world) history is rich with examples of bank crises, often the result of overly expansive loan policies by private banks. As recently as 2007, subprime bank loans (real estate loans made to borrowers with relatively poor credit ratings) have re

Time value of money

Please assist with the following homework: 1.Calculate the future value of the following a, $500 invested for 5 yrs at a 5 % interest rate b. $700 invested for 3 years at a 2 % interest rate c. $1200 if invested for 7 years at an 11 % interest rate d. $400 if invested for 10 years with an 0 % interest rate CALCULATE THE

Research on GM Automotive Industry

I would like to learn something about GM automotive industry. Could you provide some examples? 1. A brief history of the industry. An industry overview.

Business Ethics: Company Audits

During the audit of a closely held corporation the junior member of the audit team discovers an anomaly in the books which suggests that certain corporate officials may be laundering overseas money in the company's international sales operation. The junior auditor suspects that the senior member of the team is aware of the issu

Interest Rate and Velocity

1) Your college has agreed to give you a $10,000 tuition loan. As part of the agreement, you must repay $12,600 at the end of the 3-year period. What interest rate is the college charging? 2) A country's gross domestic product (GDP) is $20 billion and its money supply (MS) is $5 billion. a) What is the country's velocity

Predict the effects on the equilibrium levels of aggregate output

1. For each of the following, predict the effects on the equilibrium levels of aggregate output (Y) and the interest rate ( r ): A) During 2005, the Federal Reserve was tightening monetary policy in an attempt to slow the economy. The Congress passed a substantial cut in the individual income tax at the same time. B) D

Finance - The present value of a single sum of $100 to be received in 10 years and discounted at a annual 12% rate on a semi-annual basis. The best way to compare two sums to be received at different times in the future. Factor to use when computing the present value of a series of rent payments.

2. The present value of a single sum of $100 to be received in 10 years and discounted at a annual 12% rate on a semi-annual basis is: a. $32.19 b. $31.18 c. $100 d. $310.58 3. The best way to compare two sums to be received at different times in the future is to compute: a. The present value of each sum. b. The futur

Economics for Managers

1. If a firm used a combination of inputs that was to the left of the isocost line, it would indicate that A. It is exceeding its budget. B. It is not spending all of its budget. C. It is operating at its optimal point because it is saving money. D. None of the above. 2. The Learning Curve A. Is really no different

IS/LM Rule Output

1. Assume that in a certain economy the LM curve is given by Y=2000r-2000+2(M/P), and the IS curve is given by Y=8000-2000r+, where  is a shock that is equal to 200 half of the time and -200 half of the time. The price level is fixed at P=1 for simplicity. The natural output level is 4000. The government wants to keep outp


Suppose you have invested $50,000 in the following four stocks: Security Amount Invested Beta Stock A $10,000 0.7 Stock B $15,000 1.2 Stock C $12,

Return on investment and savings

1) A building is purchased with a principal amount to pay down of $108000. The payments will be made in 20 EQUAL, end of year (not monthly!) installments. What are the equal installments if the annual interest rate is 10%? 2) Your job pays only once per year on December 31 - you just received your salary of $50,000 and will

Engineering Economics

1) The time it would take for money to double at a simple interest rate of 10% per year is closest to: A) 5 Years B) 7 Years C) 10 Years D) 12 Years 2) At a compound interest rate of 10% per year, $10,000 one year ago is equivalent to how much 1 year from now? A) $8264 B) $9091 C) $11,000 D) $12,000 3) In most engine

Graphing a production possibilities frontier

I need a graph of the production possibilities frontier for the following question: American and Japanese workers can each produce 4 cars a year. An American worker can produce 10 tons of grain a year, while a Japanese worker can produce 5 tons of grain a year. Assume that each country has 100 million workers.

Basic economic questions

1. Explain why time lags are a problem for the effective implementation of fiscal policy. 2. Explain what is meant by a structural deficit and how it would differ from a cyclical deficit. 3. List and discuss the functions of money. 4. Explain what is meant by a "fractional" reserve banking system. How d

Velocity of Money

What factors beside transaction processing speed affect the velocity of money? Is there a practical limit on the velocity of money? what economic impact will result from nearing or reaching this limit? Are there economic benefits to retarding the velocity of money under certain circumstances? How should busines

Microeconomics problem

Accounting Versus Economic Profit (Explicit and Implicit Costs) Exhibit 1 represents the annual income statement of Joe's Clothing Store. Joe worked full time in the store and invested $30,000 to buy the store and stock it with merchandise. He recently turned down an offer of a salaried position paying $10,000 per y