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Allocating Your Waking Hours to Work or Leisure Appropriately

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There are 168 hours in a week. Of these, about 60 hours will go to sleeping (more or less). That leaves 108 hours for which we have a choice in terms of how we will spend that time. Let's assume that we will spend the 108 hours in either work or leisure, or some kind of combination of the two.

A. What factors would you consider in making the choice of how you will allocate your time between work and leisure?

B. Would these factors change as your earnings increased? As you aged?

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A. First, I would take into account the point in life I was at. For example, if I am starting out my career, I would need to put in more hours to get to the point where I wanted to be later on. However, if I was starting a family, I would want to spend time with them rather than be at work in order to build a strong family foundation. I ...

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