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Research on GM Automotive Industry

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I would like to learn something about GM automotive industry. Could you provide some examples?

1. A brief history of the industry. An industry overview.

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//Here we have to analyze GM Automotive Industry. Prior to this, we have to attain a brief knowledge regarding the industry. General Motors Corp is an international automaker company. I am going to supply some information and SWOT analysis for this company. //

GM Automotive Industry

General Motors Corporation (GM) is an international automaker company. Its history of origin can be traced back in 1902 in the United States. The company was established by William Durant. In the records of 'Fortune 500' of America's top-grosser, General Motors has been ranked as 4th automaker company. There was a slow rate of growth in the revenues of General Motors, I.e. $181,122.0 (in 2007) to $182,347.0 (in 2008) (Fortune 500 - General Motors, 2008).

General Motors is the 4th biggest automaker industry (as evaluated by 'global industry sales'). There are various brands of this industry, such as Chevrolet, Opel, Saturn, GM Daewoo, Cadillac, Buick, Holden, Hummer, Pontiac, Saabt and Bauxhall (General Motors, 2008). ...

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Company Research/Trend Analysis

Use the organization (which was General Motors (GM)) you identified as a team in Week two to do a benchmarking analysis, using the databases in the University library.

Individually, research one force or trend from the remote or industry environment. Please do not use forces and trends that include:
- trend of jockeying for position
- force of remote environment of ecological factors
- competitive position specifically in relation to employee relations
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