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Automotive Bailout and Managerial Finance

Review the current status of the automotive bailout plans involving GM, Chrysler, and the federal government. Prepare a 300 words on your selected organization in which you address the following:

a. background/description of what the proposed government bailout plan requires from the car companies, unions, creditors, suppliers et al.

at least one reference

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Several years before the global financial and economic crisis and its effects became apparent, the automotive industry in the United States had been ailing - its performance relative to the automotive industries of other countries such as Japan and Germany has been in a downward spiral for sometime. The financial crisis served as a catalyst in the further decline of the industry which resulted to the bankruptcy of some of the industry's players.

The federal government, late last year, created a credit life line ...

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This solution of 365 words gives a background description of the proposed government bailout plan for car companies, unions, creditors and others. References used are included.