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    Managerial Decision Making

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    Recently, the American International Group (AIG), a global insurance and financial services organization, accepted billions of dollars from the United States Government in order to remain solvent and in operation. After receiving this money, the organization decided to pay over $160 million in bonuses. Discuss the ethical problems associated with this decision. Could in-group favoritism play a role in this decision? If you were the CEO, what decision would have made? 200-300 words APA

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    //Before making an appropriate decision as a CEO of an American International Group; firstly, we will discuss the Ethical problems, which are associated with this decision. I am providing a brief introduction of the Ethical problems related to the decision, so that you can understand it.

    Ethical Problems in Decision

    American International Group accepted billion of dollars bailout to remain solvent in its business operation. From this package, the Management decided to pay $160 million as bonus to its shareholders. This decision of distributing bonuses was not 'Ethical', ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 380 words with references.